5 Things to Consider When Choosing Bespoke

Considering a bespoke wedding or engagement ring in Scotland? We thought we would give you 5 things to consider when choosing bespoke to make it as easy as possible…

1 The Budget
When the word ‘bespoke’ is brought up, many think this will be very costly, however it really can be created to suit your finances. The important thing to do first is set a realistic budget to ensure we know exactly what you are looking to spend, allowing us to then create designs which are achievable to the price. Many aspects can be changed in the custom design to give you the look you want for a price which isn’t going to blow your wedding budget.

2 Your Inspiration
The beauty of bespoke is that you can create the exact ring of your dreams, but what happens if you’re not quite sure what the dream ring looks like? If you are going between a few design ideas but can’t decide which inspires you most, we can incorporate your favourite parts of each design into your bespoke ring. Many of our customers find it helpful to bring in pictures of rings they are inspired by to give us a better idea of the designs they like. With over 25 years’ experience, Bejouled’s founder Darren can give you help and advice in creating your dream wedding band.

3 The Right Timing
Your engagement or wedding ring is such an important symbol of your commitment to your partner that we always recommend giving yourself enough time to really assess all the design options. We often get asked the question ‘how long before my wedding should I get our rings?’. 6-10 weeks is the average amount of time spent from your first appointment to finished bespoke ring, but many prefer to come in for their appointment a few months before their wedding to ensure adequate time in making their decisions. If there needs to be a quick turnaround, we can work to a tight deadline of around 2 weeks. Planning ahead is the best option to make sure everything goes exactly to plan.

4 Shaping Up
One of our specialities are our shaped wedding bands, created to sit perfectly flush against your engagement ring. When choosing an engagement ring, you should think about the type of wedding ring you would like. Looking for a straight wedding band? Think of a higher setting for your engagement ring. Do you have an elaborate engagement ring design? Consider our bespoke service as the wedding band is shaped around the engagement band. Your engagement ring need a shaped wedding band but you really wanted a straight band? Bespoke can also allow you to remodel your engagement ring to the setting which you may now prefer. The possibilities are endless…

5 The Experience
Nothing is quite like seeing your very own design created from start to finish, specially made for you. At Bejouled, you will always deal one-to-one with Darren himself from the very first appointment and all the work to your ring is done in our on-site workshop. We want you to feel part of Bejouled and work hard to ensure your bespoke experience is special to you both as a couple, creating custom rings without any of the high street hard sell or sales targets. #BespokeBedifferentBejouled

To make your free, no compulsion to buy appointment with Darren, simply call us on 0141 649 7675 or email [email protected], or you can head to our contact page. We are located at 85 Deanston Drive, Shawlands, G41 3AL. Bejouled are Glasgow’s engagement ring and wedding ring specialists. Begin your #BejouledLoveStory today…