7 Styles of Engagement Rings


Solitaire style engagement rings can be so classic and simple but also have so much edge. Traditionally a solitaire would have one centre stone, but now, with the beauty of bespoke the possibilities are endless. Jazz up your band with more stones or create a feature out of the setting. Go as simple or out there as you would like with different metals or even different stone types, like diamonds or gemstones.

solitaire oval engagement ring
solitaire engagement ring


Halo engagement rings are similar to solitaire, but instead, your centre stone has a “halo” of diamonds surrounding it. This design is so regal and is such a statement with severe sparkle. Much like solitaire you can get creative with the band and the setting, however, there have been new trending ways to mix up this classic style. Instead of having uniform sized and shaped stones surrounding the centre you can create a dimensional look with varying styles to create a more interesting shape. This looks amazing with pear shape and oval centre stones. 

halo engagement rings
oval halo engagement rings

Vintage Style

Vintage style engagement rings are one of the more intricate styles of rings. This includes a lot of ornate metalwork, usually floral designs or swirls covering a more chunky shank. A lot of design detail goes into the shoulders and setting as well making these rings a work of art with all the different design elements. The details are enhanced usually with lots of small diamonds for major sparkle. This style is perfect for someone who wants a lot of detail and a major statement.

vintage style halo engagement ring
gold solitaire vintage engagement rings

Side Stone

Side stone engagement rings can be achieved with most styles of rings like the solitaire and halo as it simply refers to adding stones onto the band of the ring. Pave setting of side stones is a popular choice however you can set these stones in so many ways to create different looks. You can also stray away from the traditional brilliant cut side stones and get creative with princess cuts or baguettes. This option is perfect if you want a simple style but lots of sparkles. 

side stone engagement rings

Multiple Stone

Multiple stone rings are traditionally a sentimental style of engagement ring with three stones, symbolising the past, present and future of a couple. Now the stones can have many other meanings with the option to have as many stones as you wish, perhaps symbolising family members. This style has hit a peak recently with Meghan Markle’s stunning oval trilogy ring, showing this style can look so beautiful with any shape of the stone. 

trilogy engagement rings


Gemstone engagement rings are for all the colour lovers out there. Not only are they adored by the royal family but by so many others as well. Sapphires, rubies, morganites, citrines, the list is endless. Gemstones have meanings and attributes associated with them which can really add a personal touch to any piece. You can combine these colourful stones with diamonds to highlight the coloured stone and create a contrast. 

gemstone engagement rings


Cluster engagement rings are created using lots of diamonds and can be used alongside a centre stone or can create the illusion of a bigger centre stone by using a cluster of smaller diamonds. You can also create elaborate designs using the stones to make for a truly unique piece. This design has an abundance of sparkle and shine, so perfect for those who consider themselves a bit of a magpie for jewellery.

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