A Honeymooner’s Guide: Madrid

Recently I went on a trip to the gorgeous city of Madrid. This was my second time there with my fiance and I can honestly say it is my favourite city. Now I am back and missing the sun, I thought I would share some things we got up to that would be good for honeymooner’s. I know city breaks aren’t a classic honeymoon favourite but trust me, this city beats the beach any day. The city’s charm will steal your heart.

Retiro Park

Retiro park is my favourite part of Madrid. It is a beautifully well kept garden with lots of things to see. There are multiple historical statues and flower gardens to keep you occupied if you are just wanting a wander. But if you’ve been to Madrid before you might notice an abundance of electric scooters dotted around the city. This year we decided to ride these around the park. Not only is it a way to get around but it’s a fun pastime. You just download the app on your phone and hop on. This way we got to see the whole park and things we had never seen before like one of the only statues of the devil in the world.

Crystal Palace

On our scooters we headed to the Crystal Palace which is my personal favourite area of the park. If it wasn’t obvious in the title here sits a glass palace (or a regal looking green house). No there’s no plants in there like the Peoples Palace but sometimes there are art exhibitions. This time there were all white statues dotted about. Here you can also find Madrid’s cutest occupants. Hiding in the large pond is terrapin turtles guarded by a beautiful black swan.

Row Boats

A classic activity for most Retiro Park goers is to jump on the famous Madrid Row Boats. Under the watchful eye of the city’s favourite king you can spend half an hour rowing round enjoying the sunshine. Very romantic, especially for those that love The Little Mermaid “Kiss the Girl” scene. Although its a city must-do, pile on the sunscreen because you won’t find any shade on this boat trip.

Plaza Mayor

Now you cannot go to Madrid and not hit the Plaza Mayor. The beautiful square is surrounded by gorgeous shops and restaurants and perhaps not so legit street salesmen. This place is perfect for a romantic dinner and for a makeshift football strip or Louis Vuitton handbag. So basically, it has it all.

Churros Con Chocolate

We always go to the same place for the well deserved famous Churros and chocolate. Right on the corner you can sit with a perfect view of the square. You can sit happily dipping your sugary snack into the most luscious hot chocolate while people watching. You can understand why churros are my favourite when you go to Madrid.

Mercado de San Miguel

This year we ended up eating nearly all of our lunches at this trendy food market. From Spanish delicacies to mini pizzas, there’s something for everyone. Oh and there’s a bar, I should have probably mentioned that first. Located just outside the Plaza Mayor, it is a busy place at peak eating times. You might need to fight for a seat but it is so worth it. Trust me.


One night, unusually, we got caught in a freak rain storm. Miles from our Airbnb we had no choice but to seek shelter in the Mercado. Luckily for us e hadn’t ate dessert so we had to sample some of the offerings. From prosecco ice poles, gourmet ice creams and french macaroons, they had it all. And we definitely had no complaints about the rain.


Fancy a little day trip out of the city? Well this year we headed to Toledo. A city on a hill that was a little sword and knife obsessed. Despite the countless sword shops, it was nice to walk around the city and experience the difference in culture. We even found churro making Nuns.

Real Madrid

If you are a footie fan, and even if you’re not, Real Madrid has such a presence. The multitude of strips, real or not, and the slight overuse of Sergio Ramos and Ronaldo memorabilia make it seem like they are a big deal. And they deserve to be.


Although we never got to do the tour this year, it is so worth doing. You get to walk through the stadium and experience sitting in the dug-out as well as getting to see the impressive amount of trophies, awards, goals and history that the club has. I have never felt like playing a game of footie, but I did when I left that tour. If that doesn’t point to how good it was I don’t know what will.


We did however get to go to a Real Madrid game this year. They ended up drawing but the atmosphere was incredible. From the buzz outside the stadium to the passion from the die hard fans, you end up feeling like a season ticket holder yourself. Tourists, only fairly, get the last pickens of seats but luckily we ended up getting all up a personal with the players. I mean I could see Sergio Ramos’ face.

Cable Car

Something we didn’t even know was there last time was the cable cars. These flying taxis take you across the city to the outskirts. There lies a humongous park with a theme park and a zoo. Maybe if you’re a thrill seeker you would love the theme park, however, I can’t even venture onto kids Disney land rides. The cable car itself is a cheap day out and even if you don’t fancy getting off on the other side, you can just stay on for a forty minute round trip.

Madrid Palace

We saved my favourite activity for one of our final days. Now walking around a rich royal family’s house might not be to everyone’s taste, but for me the thought of having a room just for putting your jacket on quite fascinating. Not only that but you get to step inside the gorgeous courtyard which for me is the ultimate picture location. That’s why I saved my favourite outfit.

I hope you enjoyed my little summary of our couples trip to Madrid! For all you upcoming honeymooners, this might sway you to ditch the beach and opt for a Spanish city break!

Written by Gabrielle Holden

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