A Bejouled Love Story!

Looking for an Engagement Ring? Thinking or proposing or just picking your own? Forget the high street, and start your Bejouled Love Story today!

As we always say, bespoke is Best and no one does it quite like Bejouled. From sparkling vintage designs to classic solitaires, we have something for everyone! While many assume custom designing your engagement ring is more expensive and time consuming, that is far from the case! With Bejouled, you are in total control.  We will work with you based on your style and budget. We will assist and guide in everything, from selecting the all-important center Stone to choosing the final setting.

Don’t just take our word for it! We have spoken to previous customer, Lee, who came to Bejouled in search for the perfect engagement ring for his bride to be. We helped him from start to finish, and the final outcome was truly stunning! Read their Bejouled Love Story Below, then head over to our Past Commissions for some inspiration.


bespoke engagement rings glasgow


What made you decide to go bespoke and have your Engagement Ring designed by Bejouled rather than simply walking into a high street store and buying one? Do you think it made it more special?


Lee: I liked the idea of having a bit more control and flexibility over choosing a specific stone and then having the ability to combine that with a unique setting. It also left the option of the setting open to discussion and change after the proposal. Bejouled provided me with a silver sample which I chose for the engagement. Luckily Charline loved it and in the end there were minimal changes to the design although it was a huge reassurance to have the option there.


Lee, did you have an idea of what you were looking for before you came to Darren at Bejouled?

Lee: I had a rough idea in that I was keen on a solitaire style setting. Little did I know how many variations and further options were possible. Darren and Caitlein made the process nice and easy with the information I had provided and were very patient with me. It was a tough decision!


Was your partner involved in the process and did they give their opinion on the design?

Lee: Charline was involved in the process after the engagement. As I proposed with the silver sample, there was then an opportunity after, for Charline to have an input in the final ring. As I mentioned before, luckily she loved the design.


What was your favourite part of the design process?

Charline: I loved the fact Lee and I could both go into the shop, sit down and have a chat with Darren about exactly what we wanted. The only thing we changed about the ring was the setting was a bit lower. The fact that Darren was so easy to work with and made the process all very fun and exciting like it should be.


bespoke engagement rings glasgow


What was the hardest part of the process?

Charline: We were lucky that it all went very smoothly, Darren was very busy but always communicated with us and always made time to fit us in around our hectic schedule.


Would you recommend going Bespoke to others? If so why?

Charline: I always walked past the shop and was drawn to the beautiful jewelry in the window but never knew that everything was made by Darren. The fact you can design your own ring or have an idea and have it made is incredible. The finished product is perfect and working with Darren and his team was a pleasure. Very reasonable pricing for the service you get.


Charline, what do you think of our gorgeous Bespoke Engagement Ring?

Charline: I love the way Darren has kept the classic look of an engagement ring and added a twist with the halo of diamonds underneath the center diamond. I have never seen anything like this and love how unique it is. I am in love with the ring and its modern twist of a classic beauty.


Finally, tell us your proposal story?

Lee: It was in Charline’s childhood holiday destination, Il de ré in France. There was a couple of false alarms and I ended up carrying the ring in my pocket for a night (I’m glad it was the silver sample!) and deciding not to propose. Eventually the right moment arrived and I managed to get Charline onto the beach under the stars. Thankfully she said yes! It must’ve been the ring…


bespoke engagement rings glasgow