Create Your Dream Bespoke Ring in 5 Steps

At Bejouled, we can make any dream a reality. In today’s post, feast your eyes on the ultimate guide to creating your own bespoke ring. When designing a ring you have to consider 5 main aspects, the centre stone, the metal, setting style, shoulder style and band style. So, I thought this way you could let your ideas run wild during lockdown.

Centre Stone

We like to build our rings around the centre stone, so it only makes sense to start there.


stone shapes

From experience I have seen that everyone has their preferred stone shape. Whether you love the classic round brilliant cut or you want to get more fancy with an emerald or radiant cut, the stone shape determines the style of the ring. So, pick your favourite shape and start from there.


Now it’s time to think about the stone type you want. By that I mean, diamond or gemstone? The possibilities are endless. A top tip for this is just to think of what colour you like. Maybe you want a classic white stone or maybe you want something more colourful like a ruby or an aquamarine. Really consider this because it will determine the vibe of the ring.

We know there is so much more to choosing your centre stone. If you need more in depth information on stone buying, check out our Diamond Masterclass or get in touch!


ring metals

I would say the metal is the next most important choice in designing a ring. This combined with your stone colour choice can create such a unique look. You can pair white stones with white metal for a classic look or use coloured stones with a rose gold for a truly bold look. Maybe you could pair an orange citrine with yellow gold and accent cognac diamonds (SPOILER: we’ve already created this but we thought it would be a prime example. Wanna see it? CLICK HERE)

Setting Style

ring settings

For your setting style the possibilities are endless. It all depends on what look you love and if you’re thinking of designing your own ring then you probably will have a good idea. If not, get creative with the look and imagineer your centre stone in different settings until you achieve the look you want.

Shoulder Style

ring shoulder styles

Your shoulder style will fit in with your setting style. So maybe it’s best to consider the last three aspects together to result in a cohesive look. However, the shoulder style is very important on its own as this is what will surround your centre stone and be visible on your finger. So, whether you want to keep it classic with a straight style or go for a shaped design, you need to consider how it highlights the real star of the show (your centre stone).

Band Style

ring band settings

If you decide against a plain band to your ring you can get real creative with stones. Again the possibilities are endless so remember you can have any type or colour of stone in your band. After that you can think of how you want your stones set in your ring band. Check out the examples above and try to incorporate them!

Was this helpful? If you are looking into designing your own bespoke ring, get in touch and share your ideas!