Diamond Jewellery with a Story

Recently, at Bejouled we have been getting a lot of beautiful remodel commissions. We love remodels because not only do we get to get a bit creative but we also get to preserve memories for some customers. Diamond jewellery is a very personal thing as when you are buying such a special piece you want it to be perfect. At Bejouled, we love giving customers exactly what they want. And our jewellery remodeling service does exactly that. This post will talk you through how we turn your old diamond jewellery into new pieces that are just right for you.

First things first

Before we start anything we need to get you in to have a look at your diamond jewellery that you would like to transform. In this appointment we will talk through your ideas about what you want and how you would like your diamonds set. This appointment usually takes about an hour to figure out all the specifics.

CAD time

diamond jewellery remodel CAD

After the ideas have been finalised we then make a computer design on CAD to show you what your ring will look like finished. This way you can choose your final idea or ideas that you want to go ahead with. It also gives you a good idea of what your diamonds will look like in their new shank.

Mould me up

diamond jewellery remodel

A wax mould will then be made so that you can now visualise the piece in real life and make sure you are happy with the size and shape. At this stage it is okay to make changes because that is what the CAD design and wax mould are for. And like we said we want your diamond jewellery to be absolutely perfect for you.

Cast & Set

diamond jewellery remodel cast and set

Once the design is final we will then cast your piece in your chosen metal and get that ready to set your diamonds into. From cast to finish is a transformation in itself where a rough bit of metal becomes a shiny beautiful new home to your sparkling diamonds. And it becomes even better with your diamonds all set.

Shine Bright Like a Diamond

After setting the stones into your new and improved piece of diamond jewellery it’s time for you to show off your new masterpiece!

If you have some old diamond jewellery that you want to give a new lease of life to make an appointment with us today and start your remodeling journey!