Gemstone Meanings

In case you didn’t hear, gemstones are making a comeback! More and more people are opting for colourful stones whether that be rubies or sapphires and even mystical stones like topaz or opal. If you’re a sentimental person this post will provide the meaning behind the most popular engagement ring gemstones.


The first gemstone is the classic ruby. Rubies are one of the most romantic gems as they re said to promote love and open the heart. Rubies were traditionally seen to protect their wearers from misfortune and bad health. Overall, this stone is a protecter and a promoter of love, perfect for a true romantic.


sapphire gemstone

Sapphires are overall more tranquil. They are associated with peace and happiness. They are also known to promote good communication for the wearer. Sapphires are truly an inspirational gemstone and they deserve so much love. This stone is proving to be the most popular among engagement rings at the moment so if you want a peaceful engagement this is the stone for you!


 emerald gemstone

Emeralds are a classic gemstone and are said to aid in fertility. As well as that, this stone is rumoured to improve the wearer’s eyesight. This stone is both beautiful and intelligent with the ability to promote balance in life and love.


Topaz is a gemstone that gives strength to it’s wearer. It’s qualities include providing confidence and mental clarity. It’s mystical powers are said to cure insomnia and even mood swings. We are sure that could come in handy for some.


amethyst gemstone

Finally, just as the colour purple has calming qualities so does the purple gemstone, amethyst. This stone is said to calm emotions and aids in attaining wisdom for the wearer. This beautiful stone is perfect for people with a need for calm and collection.

Which one is your favourite?

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