Lady Gaga and the Tiffany Diamond

lady gaga and the tiffany diamond

Ever since the Oscar’s took place last week, the spotlight has been on Lady Gaga and her amazing achievements this year. Alongside that there has also been a buzz over the stunning necklace she wore to the ceremony. Since we are big fans of diamonds we had to talk about the Tiffany Diamond.

Tiffany Diamond History

tiffany diamond

The famous Tiffany Diamond is over 140 years old and was bought by Tiffany’s founder himself in the 1800’s. The diamond is a 128ct yellow diamond making it one of the biggest yellow diamonds in the world. Until now the diamond has only been set a handful of times and only worn by 4 woman in history.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

audrey hepburn tiffany diamond

The last person that was lucky enough to wear the Tiffany Diamond was Audrey Hepburn for the promotion of “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. It is fair to say that Lady Gaga is following in some serious footsteps. The beautiful Hepburn wore the diamond in a ribbon style necklace in her classic little black dress and tiara.

Lady Gaga at the Oscars

lady gaga oscars tiffany diamond

At the Oscar’s, Lady Gaga styled the diamond similarly with a classic black ballgown and similar up do. However, the diamond is now set alongside a selection of brilliant cut and cushion cut white diamonds in a more simple design. After the ceremony Lady Gaga posted on social media about what an honour it was to wear the diamond on such a special night.

lady gaga
lady gaga instagram

Who do you think will be next to be graced with the honour of wearing the Tiffany Diamond?

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