Things to do in Lockdown

After a week in lockdown, I thought it was time to use this experience to create a blog post. Since the vast majority of us are now confined within the walls of our homes, I know we could all use a couple of activity ideas. So whether you’re working from home or just trying to entertain yourself or your family, there’s a couple of things that you can do.

Learn a new Skill

We’re starting at the top here when it comes to level of difficulty. What could be better than coming out of a lockdown with a new skill to add to your belt? This could be something to help you with work or just a fun thing you’ve always wanted to try. Here’s a couple of things we thought of:

  • Learn a new language
  • Knitting/crochet
  • Yoga
  • Cooking
  • Baking
  • Drawing


I’m sure by now you’ve seen half the people on your social media go into a cleaning frenzy. If you think about it we now have more time than ever to complete our spring clean. Maybe go room by room, drawer by drawer and get rid of all the junk. I know I have a drawer in my kitchen that NEEDS my attention.

Pull out the Boardgames

If you live with others, there is no better way to kill some time than a good old game of Frustration (anyone remember that game?). Blow the dust off the boxes and have a game night. If you don’t have any board games yet, like myself, most of the classics are available on the app store. Get competitive and get into teams and play by the rules. It’ll make the game last longer. Maybe try starting with Monopoly but only if you think you can handle it. A family fight is not welcomed when on lockdown.

Set up a Home Office

If you, like so many of us, are needing to work from home this ones for you. It’s so important to set up our day like a workday to be able to get stuff done. Give yourself a dedicated space for work, whether that’s in an office or on the kitchen table. This will help you get your mind centred. Try to avoid a couch/bed office. Get up, get ready and get to work!

Date Night/Family Night

If you are lucky enough to be on lockdown with others then why not make the most of it. Locked in with your partner? Don’t get complacent, why not plan a date night. Dinner and a movie can easily be achieved at home. You could try and recreate your favourite restaurant food at home and scour Netflix for a movie you both have never seen. Dress up and make an effort and have a date night in. If you’re with family you could do a similar thing and maybe add in some games or a quiz. The only limit is your imagination. Too cheesy?

Remember you could always binge-read Bejouled blog posts!

I hope some of these ideas will keep you going for a while! For now, stay home and stay safe!

Love, Bejoued x