It is believed that turquoise jewellery has the ability to recharge our spirits. Somehow, it reminds you of blue skies and tropical seas. Some say that this is the color that helps when you endure mental stress and tiredness. There are even claims that it helps to combat the feelings of loneliness.

We can’t be sure about that, but the color definitely lifts our spirits here at Bejouled. It is a calm and happy color you can’t ignore! For some it connotes a holiday in Ibiza, while for others it gives fresh, bohemian vibes. At the same time, when worn right it can bring a classy pop of colour to something chic and sleek. So, if you love the Ibiza hippy look, are a cowgirl at heart, or a refined jet-setter with a taste for stunning jewelry, it’s turquoise that will heighten your spirit and bring out your inner creative self.

We have put together some of our favourite turquoise engagement rings. If you spot one you fancy, why not arrange a consultation to discuss how you could incorporate turquoise in your engagement ring.

Turquoise Jewellery: Turquoise Engagement Rings

This particular ring below can be found in London, in the Charles Dickens museum. Turquoise as an engagement ring stone isn’t a new trend, and has clearly been around longer than you might think!