How we use CAD to Create your Dream Ring

The first step to creating your dream ring is all about visualizing your end goal. Bejouled are proud to be one of only a small selection of jewellers in the country using cutting edge technology CAD program, Matrix, which makes this much easier.



What is CAD?


The CAD Matrix jewellery design software can create fully lifelike 3D rendering, allowing us to show customers exactly what their chosen design will look like before it is even made. We can create a fully rendered CAD drawing following our initial meeting with you, allowing you to understand what your finished bespoke piece will look like, down to the colour, materials and overall look.


How does it work?


CAD makes it easy to visualize how the finished product will look. It allows us to experiment with different design options before taking the final design to the workshop, essentially giving a lifelike preview of the finished product. Our customer can weigh up which cut, shape or colour they prefer, based on realistic renderings of the options.

For example, the images below show slightly different tones and shapes of rings, which the customer was able to evaluate before making a final decision.

How can you make use of CAD to design your dream ring? 

Many may think that custom designing your Engagement Ring is more time consuming than shopping on the high street, but that is far from the case! CAD helps make the process simple and straightforwards, and ensures you won’t make any major decisions without seeing what the final result will look like first.

Book an appointment with Bejouled today to discuss your jewellery ideas, and we will draw up the images, giving you an accurate picture of the outcome, before it ends up on your finger.