What type of Metal is Best for You and Why!

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Yellow Gold

Yellow Gold is the most traditional choice of metal for wedding or engagement rings. The highly polished precious metal conveys a gorgeous vintage feel that will compliment your diamonds perfectly.

Usually found in 9ct and 18ct, Gold in the purest form is a very soft metal and bends easily out of shape. That’s why Gold used in jewellery needs to be mixed with harder alloy metals. This helps to make the gold more durable and keep it shape.

9ct Yellow Gold, the more affordable option, contains around 37.5% of pure gold, with 62.5% of it being made of other metals. As a results, this dilutes the yellow colour but creates a more hard-wearing finish. 18ct is often preferred, as it means a higher percentage of pure gold and keeps that distinct, intense yellow gold colour.

A downside to using Yellow Gold to create your Bespoke Engagement or Wedding Ring is that it will scratch. You can always have your pieces re-polished, but by doing so, will remove a layer of metal along with the scratches. The higher the Karat, the quicker the gold will wear, albeit over a long period of time.

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White Gold

White gold is now one of the most popular choices of metal. It has a more contemporary feel than Yellow Gold, and a cheaper price tag than Platinum.

Again, found in 9ct and 18ct, what really makes White Gold differ from yellow is it’s plating, which is made of Rhodium. Rhodium is a white metal used as a coating, and is actually what gives white gold it’s colour. Not only that, Rhodium also makes White Gold more durable by covering the softer Yellow Gold alloy with an additional protective layer.

While White Gold looks great when new, it’s Rhodium plating will wear off after time. When this happens, a yellowish tinge will become visible. How long the plating takes to wear depends of the wearer and what they do. It can often last anywhere between 6 months to 2 years.

Your White Gold jewellery can be re-plated and this will restore the original finish. However, this wears the ring down after each time and can be an expensive process. Here at Bejouled we offer plating for a fraction of the cost and occasionally do deals to keep you jewels sparkling! Get in touch for more information.

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Rose Gold

As you will know by now gold is created using various alloys of metal. Therefore copper is added to create the romantic pink hue. The more copper used, the redder the gold will appear. Therefore, 9ct Rose Gold will appear more prominent in colour than 18ct as it contains less gold and more copper.

If you have been following Bejouled for a while you will know that Rose Gold is a particular favourite of ours! Coming back into style, this gorgeous metal conveys love and romance, while complementing every skin tone. Rose Gold is also very durable due to the strength of copper, making it tougher than Yellow or White Gold.

The only downside to Rose Gold is that it is not hypoallergenic. This is similar to that of white and yellow gold. However, it is more noticeable in Rose as a result of the high concentration of copper.

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Platinum is a silver-white metal and is one of the most expensive of choices when it comes to engagement or wedding rings. Unlike gold, platinum is used in its purest form making it a lot denser and heavier and therefore, more expensive.

An extremely hard metal, it is resistant to tarnishing and corrosion. This means it will not wear down, and retains shape for a lifetime. Platinum is hypoallergenic,a pure metal, making it a great choice if you are affected by other metals.

Although platinum won’t tarnish, it can scratch. Scratches are fairly easy to remove however, and with a quick polish up by Bejouled your rings will look as good as new! Although it has been said that the scratches in a platinum ring represent the life and love of its wearer!

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Palladium is a soft silver-white metal that resembles platinum. It is a very rare metal in the platinum group and looks very similar in colour but is much less dense.  If you want the steely white colour of platinum but not the weight on your finger (Or the higher price tag), this is a great choice.

Palladium is resistant to corrosion and will not tarnish, while being fairly hard-wearing. One of its best attributes is it doesn’t require plating and like platinum, scratches can be easily removed. We recommend Palladium to those looking for a cheaper alternative to platinum, with all the same attributes at a fraction of the cost.

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Semi-Precious Metals

Semi-Precious metals like Tungsten, Titanium and Stainless Steel are becoming increasingly popular, with Gents opting for unique wedding bands. Unlike gold, semi-precious metals are very durable and virtually scratch proof. Their distinct, dark and steely features are also becoming preferred to the traditional look of ring. We normally recommend such meatals to customers who have an active job or lifestyle, such as plumbers or electricians. Having a metal like this means they can get on with work, without worrying about damaging their ring.

The one downside to purchasing a semi-precious ring is that they cannot be resized. If a customer puts on or loses weight they will simply have to purchase a new ring. Luckily, these bands aren’t too expensive normally ranging from £100-£250. Despite the price, some individuals are put off by the thought of possibly replacing the band in the future because of its sentimental value. As a result, we ensure to warn customers before they purchase a semi-precious metal and ensure that we have their ring size perfect. For a more information on what semi-precious metals we have available get in touch!


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