Why you should go Bespoke and Design the perfect Engagement Ring!

Thinking of proposing to your other half? Or are you looking to pick your own Engagement Ring? Forget the highstreet! As we always say, Bespoke is Best and no one does it quite like Bejouled. We are here to tell you why you should go bespoke, and design the perfect Engagement Ring with Bejouled Jewels, Glasgow.


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Many people think that custom designing your Engagement Ring is more expensive and time consuming, but that is far from the case! With Bejouled, you are in total control.  We will assist and guide you on style and budget, offering professional advice on everything. From selecting the all-important Diamond, (or Gemstone) to choosing the final setting.

But don’t just take our word for it! We have spoken to two previous customers who came to us for the perfect engagement ring. One who designed it for their partner and the other for themselves….

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What made you decide to go bespoke and design the Engagement Ring, rather than buying one from a store on the high street?

I had been thinking about proposing for a while and had been looking around at rings in the usual places like the Argyle arcade. My sister told be about Darren at Bejouled, and I thought I would head over as I hadn’t really seen anything that stood out to me.

Did you have an idea of what you were looking for before you went to Darren at Bejouled?

I knew that my partner wanted a sapphire engagement ring, but apart from that there wasn’t much to go on.

What was your favourite part of the design process?

As I mentioned, I had been around the usual high street jewellers in Glasgow, and with virtually all sapphire rings on show they came as a cluster style. In my head this was basically the only style you could get, and this is what I originally went in the store and asked Darren to design for me. Upon comparing styles with Darren, I realised that I actually didn’t like the cluster style. I ended up going with an emerald cut sapphire along with 2 emerald cut diamonds. I felt this style had  ‘wow factor’, and thought it would suit my partner. Darren orders in a range of different stones at different sizes, colour, prices, etc and you choose which ones you like the most. This is something you would never do at an ordinary jeweller and shows Darren’s commitment to let his customers have control over the design process.

So, to answer your question, my favourite part was the whole design process in general!

What was the hardest part of the process?

For me, it was the decision between gold and platinum. My partner tends to wear gold – rings, necklaces, earring, etc. The ring I had made for her just wouldn’t look good in  gold, so I went for the platinum setting. I always had some nagging doubt in the back of my mind, all the way up to the actual proposal, that she would prefer gold. Thankfully I was wrong and my partner loved it. As Darren said, you would have to be mad not to love the ring!  

Do you think it means more having designed the ring yourself?

Definitely! My partner was so happy with the ring and I was able to tell her all different steps from seeing it as an image on the computer all the way to the finished article. She appreciated how much effort had been put in.

What did you think when you first seen the finished piece?

I felt it was a show stopper!

Would you recommend going Bespoke to others? If so why?

Yes, I would highly recommend it! Just the whole process means you are able to narrow down what you actually want/think your partner wants. As compared to a normal jeweller you are only limited to what they have in stock/what they want to sell you. With Darren, you are able to have any style or shape you want and he will be able to guide you as to what works best.

Finally, tell us your proposal story?

Pretty low key to be honest, it was on a beach that we go to every Easter in Ireland. I got down on one knee and she said yes!

Karen, Pat’s Fiancée, what do you think of your Bejouled Bespoke Engagement Ring?

 I couldn’t be happier with my beautiful ring. It is better than I could ever have imagined and the best surprise!

bespoke engagement rings glasgow


What made you decide to go bespoke and design your own Engagement Ring rather than simply walking into a high street store and buying one? Do you think it made it more special?

I went to a few high street stores beforehand but found the whole experience impersonal. There were some rings that I liked but there was at least one part of the ring I would have changed. I left feeling a bit deflated and decided to go to an independent jeweller. The first jeweller I contacted was based in London and after one initial telephone conversation he was very much giving me the “hard sell”. As Bejouled is literally a block away from my home, I made an appointment with Darren and it was all easy from there! I was really nervous about the appointment because I wasn’t exactly sure what I was after and I knew nothing about diamonds. Darren made the whole process simple and easy to understand. He really took the time to make sure I made the right decision and left with exactly what I wanted.   

Do you think you preferred having the opportunity to pick/design your own ring rather than having your partner choose?

Absolutely. I had a rough idea what I wanted but was very unsure, so it would have been a difficult task for Mark to get it right! I was able to choose every single part of the ring – firstly the stone, then the width and shape of the band, the number of claws, the shape of the mount, the height the diamond was set and finally the colour of the metal. It’s so nice knowing that every single part of the ring is perfect for me, and that it’s one of a kind.

Did you have an idea of what you were looking for before you came to Darren at Bejouled?

I did, and I came out with something completely different! I originally came in for a platinum band with one big diamond and some shoulder diamonds. After each appointment with Darren, I came home, did some more research and changed my mind bit by bit. It took maybe 5 appointments for me to finally reach the final design. I’d always been indecisive about whether to have one simple stone or a few but after Darren ordered in some diamonds for me to choose from, I knew I wanted just one beautiful stone.

Was your partner involved in the process and did they give their opinion on the design?

Mark wasn’t involved in the initial appointments as I had most of them on week days but once we had a few options drawn up he came with me to see the CAD drawings and helped me make the final decisions. He was happy to let me choose what I wanted and I think he was delighted to not have the stress of choosing a ring entirely himself and the worry of me not loving it.

What was your favourite part of the design process?

Oh I loved most of it! If I had to choose just one it would be picking the diamond. I could have stared at them all day! Close second is seeing the ring drawn up. Until that point it’s just an image in your head but seeing it there on paper brings it to life.

What was the hardest part of the process?

The decision making! Being able to choose every part of the ring is a blessing and a curse, particularly for an indecisive girl like me. I wanted to be absolutely certain I chose the right colour. Darren didn’t rush me to make any decisions; in fact, when I finally chose the colour of the metal, he made me wait another few days to be sure I didn’t change my mind.

Would you recommend going Bespoke to others? If so why?

I have already! Even if you have seen a ring you love in a high street jewellers, go independent and have it created. It’s amazing to be involved in its creation and to know that it’s one of a kind.

Finally, tell us your proposal story?

Ours is an unusual one – we skipped the proposal part and went straight to booking our wedding! We’ve been together for almost 7 years and have known for a few years now that we wanted to get married. The idea of having a Hogmanay wedding came to us one evening in April this year and when our preferred venue was available, we went to view it and booked it that day! It was a total surprise to our families and friends when we announced our engagement by handing them a Save the Date for our wedding (with only 7 months notice!).  

Danielle’s Fiancé, did you enjoy seeing Danielle be able to create her Dream Engagement Ring and what is your thoughts on the process?

I loved the process. It took massive pressure off me to get the right one by letting Dan pick and design it by herself. She was like a 5 year old in a toy shop every time she came back from an appointment; bursting with excitement and showing me what she had seen and where the process was up to. I know lots of people like the surprise but to any guy thinking about popping the question, I’d definitely recommend allowing the bride to design her own ring. You just have to put up with her staring at “how beautiful/sparkly/perfect” it is all day every day!


So there you go! All the information you need from customers who have actually done it themselves! If you are considering going bespoke with Bejouled get in touch for more information or to set up an appointment, or even have a look at our previous commissions for inspiration!