The Alternative Engagement Ring

Looking for an Alternative Engagement Ring? One that is original to only you? At Bejouled, we love creating jewels that are one of a kind, and stand out as being that little bit different.

Bejouled is Scotland’s premier destination for bespoke Engagement and Wedding rings. From our flagship boutique situated in Glasgow’s iconic Shawlands area, we can design and create the Engagement Ring of your dreams. Whether this be a classic solitaire or a ring with an intricate design, Bejouled is the place to go.

We have recently noticed an increase in requests for Engagement Rings with Gemstones, coloured Diamonds and Alternative metals. According to a study carried out by Harpers Bazar, Millennials are rejecting the classic Diamond Ring in favour of  more personalized designs. That’s not to say Diamonds are out, of course not! However, more people are looking to mix things up and chose a design that will stand out. We have put together some of the more original, different options out there, creating the perfect guide if you’re looking for an Alternative Engagement Ring.

The style possibilities are endless, so we recommend you book a free consultation with Bejouled to discuss your options.

Sapphires are one of the most precious and sought-after gemstones. Typically blue, they also occur in yellow, purple, pink, orange and green colours. Made popular after Princess Diana’s Engagement Ring, and again more recently after being worn by the Duchess of Cambridge, this stunning gemstone makes a truly alternative engagement ring, but at the same time, one that remains a timeless classic.

sapphire engagement rings

A ruby can range from pink to blood-red in colour, and is known to be favoured by royalty and aristocracy. Today, Rubies are commanding the highest price per carat of any coloured gemstone and, in our opinion, looks particularly stunning as an alternative engagement ring when paired with yellow gold.

ruby engagement rings

Morganite is a gorgeous peachy-pink variety of gemstone, and the presence of manganese results in beautiful, feminine colours. While it can be used with any colour of metal, it is usually paired with rose gold, as the similar colour tones compliment each other. The morganite subtly adds to an alternative engagement ring design, even as a simple solitaire.

morganite engagement rings

An Opal is one of the most unique and colourful Gemstones. It consists of iridescent color flashes that change as the ring is moved arounf. This phenomenon is often called opalescence, and the intensity and distribution of the color flashes is a determining factor in the value of an Opal. Some of our most iconic alternative engagement rings have been created using opals.

opal engagement rings

Black Diamonds are perfect for someone who wants a completely unique, stand out ring. Natural Black diamonds are entirely opaque, and are incredibly precious as a result of their distinct colour. These stones also tend to be more affordable than most other diamonds which make a great option for the alternative engagement ring.

black diamond engagement rings

Rose gold is becoming increasingly popular, with many now choosing it for their rings due to its vintage and antique look. It is created by mixing yellow gold with copper, and the more copper included the more intense the colour. It is also more durable than both yellow and white gold, and doesn’t require rhodium plating.

rose gold engagement rings

Bi-colour or bi-metal refers to rings that are composed of two separate metals joined together. Instead of being a mixture of two or more metals, like Rose Gold, bimetallic jewellery consist of layers of different metals. Thus, you have a gorgeous and unique alternative ring style that is sure to stand out.

bi-coloured engagement rings