Engagement Ring Guide for Guys: Choose the Perfect Engagement Ring

Engagement rings are monumental. Getting the ring, and everything that comes with it, is a big deal. Don’t make things more difficult trying to figure out exactly what to go for. We have put together an Engagement Ring Guide for Guys to help with the all important process, making life that little bit easier for any men feeling the pressure.

1)Budget for the Engagement Ring

First of all, before even entering a shop you must set a clear budget. Be realistic about what engagement ring you can afford, and what makes sense for your current financial situation.

2) Do the Research

Read online reviews about where you consider looking for an engagement ring, as well as looking at previous customer feedback (https://www.bejouled.co.uk/be-inspired/happy-customers/). As you will see from our website and Facebook page, Bejouled excels in achieving customer satisfaction!

3) Plan Ahead

Schedule an appointment with the jeweler (https://www.bejouled.co.uk/contact/), as it takes time to decide on what engagement ring you are going to go for. It can be helpful to see the different options in real life before making decisions, and to chat with a professional with years of experience.

4) Choosing the Right Engagement Ring

You’ll read loads online about what is involved in picking a cut, colour, carat and clarity of a ring. However, if you’re new to this, we know that can be over your head. If you want to brush up on your ring knowledge, have a read here: https://www.bejouled.co.uk/engagement-rings/the-diamond-masterclass/. But knowing the lingo isn’t essential. Come to us at Bejouled and we will keep you right!

However, it may help if you know what the girl you’re getting the ring for is in to. Take a look at what she wears, and think about her taste, lifestyle and job to determine what’s appropriate. You could even ask her close friends and family for advice. If all else fails, get her involved in the ring selection process.

5) Make it Personal

At Bejouled, we love remodeling old jewellery. This often involves taking pieces of old jewellery and including them as part of a new ring. If she has any old pieces that are special to her, or anything that has been passed through the family, consider getting this placed in a ring. (https://www.bejouled.co.uk/bespoke/remodelling-old-to-new/)

Drop in to see us at Bejouled for a free, no strings attached consultation, and we will be more than happy to help guide you in the right direction.