How to Take the Perfect Engagement Ring Picture

We love a good engagement ring picture and we want to share with you the tricks of the trade. There is nothing better than sharing a blinding picture of your engagement ring that makes all your friends go nuts. Therefor we are here to give you a guide to taking the perfect engagement ring pic.

Treat Yourself

Engagement ring pictures always double up with a nailfie so treat yourself to a killer manicure to rock the rock your wearing. We love a good nude but don’t be afraid to spice it up with some nail art to make your picture really stand out! For this we love going to our favourite nail tech WildFire Nails.

engagement ring picture

Good Lighting

The key to taking any good pictures is good lighting and this will really make your engagement ring picture pop! We love to use natural light for our pictures because it really highlights the natural beauty of the diamonds. For this you may find it surprising that the shade is the ultimate picture taking condition because the sun can sometimes be to harsh. But don’t be afraid to experiment!

Get Those Angles

Taking the perfect engagement ring picture is always about trial and error so take as many pictures as you can with different angles. By doing this you are bound to get the perfect picture! Try different hand poses with different backgrounds until you create your perfect composition.

engagement ring picture shot

The Final Touches

Editing is an important stage to taking the perfect engagement ring picture. You want to put lots of emphasis on your ring and not let it become a secondary aspect to your image. We don’t usually bother with filters but we do love to add detail with FaceTune to make the rings really POP!

If you try our tips please tag us in all of your engagement ring pictures to show us your skills! And follow us on Instagram to see even more of our ring pictures!