Engagement Ring Trends of 2017

Choosing an Engagement Ring is a big decision, not only is it a sign of your love and forth coming marriage but you’re hopefully going to be wearing it on your left hand for the next 60 years! After seeing that the most pinned Engagement Ring of 2017 (see below) was so similar to a couple of recent commissions we had done, we thought we would do our trend research. Whether you are choosing for yourself or a loved one or simply want to leave some subtle hints to your partner, we have rounded up all the most gorgeous Engagement Ring Trends of 2017 so you can see what is best for your personal style.

bespoke engagement rings glasgow


While Classics, like single solitaires will always remain in style, there is no reason you can’t explore other options and perhaps include a modern cut or alternative design to insure your ring is even more striking.

At Bejouled every Engagement Ring we create is Bespoke to each customer. So, if you see something you like or want to include elements of a specific trend while keeping with tradition, we can design a ring that will be completely unique to you. For more of our past commissions click here or keep reading below for some breathtaking Engagement Ring Trends.


rose gold engagement rings


There’s a reason why this pink gold is making a huge comeback—the feminine rosy shade flatters all skin tones and we personally think, makes the diamond pop.

halo engagement rings


Halo settings have always been popular with a row of sparkling gems drawing attention to the beauty of the center stone and making it look bigger, too! However, in 2017, there is a more unique take on the trend — everything from intricate, vintage-inspired designs to geometric blinged-out halos.


gemstone engagement rings

If you’re considering a colorful center stone, you don’t have to go with a diamond—there are lots of other amazing options out there. Sapphires are great alternatives to yellow and pink diamonds, and rubies and emeralds give off an instant vintage vibe.


opal engagement rings


Opals are a dreamy alternative to a diamond. This stunning stone has a rather unique quality and shine to it, which the rainbow of hues that flash when the stone catches the light.

black diamond engagement rings


For a surefire way to make your ring stand out, consider a black diamond. Beyond their visual appearance and unique sparkling, black diamonds are associated with passion making them a symbolic choice for your engagement ring.


stacked engagement rings


Stacked rings have been popular among boho brides for the last few years. Come 2017, we predict brides everywhere will be saying “I do” to stacks. All over Instagram and Pinterest the feeds are filled with pairs, trios and quadruples of unique diamonds bands.

intertwined engagement rings


Symbolic and stunning, this on-trend design represents two lives coming together and becoming one.


split shank engagement rings


What’s better than one band of diamonds? TWO! It’s twice as pretty and gives any engagement ring a more architectural, fashion-forward feel.

vintage engagement rings


Take a cue from vintage-inspired trends and consider a ring with Victorian or art deco flair. You can’t go wrong with an engagement ring with an heirloom quality—it’s both glamorous and timeless.

east west engagement rings


Rather than the center stone being oriented up and down (or north-south), the stone in an east-west setting and the ring is oriented horizontally. This is perhaps one of our favorite up and coming trends as it is so unique and will really make your ring finger stand out.

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Photo Credit – Pinterest, Bejouled