Hair Jewellery: The Ultimate Styling Guide

Hair jewellery has been one of the big trends of 2019. Since the beginning of the year there have been an array of hair clips, hairbands and even the return of the scrunchie. Now, as you know we love a bit of bling, so why not bling up your gorgeous locks. I have compiled some inspiration with all my favourite looks.

Starry Night

star hair jewellery

This is a beautiful take on the hair jewellery trend. Whether you’re a fan of astrology of not, you have to admit how beautiful these are. You can scatter gorgeous clips all over or make a statement section. These starry clips are stunning. This trend will be perfect for the upcoming party season for added sparkle. This could even be an option for a non-traditional bride!

Flower Power

flower hair jewellery

These hair jewellery pieces are a lot more bridal but we couldn’t not include. It’s amazing how they make these pieces look so organic and natural by using metals and jewels. You can go simple or statement with the floral look. You can get away with a couple of pins up to a full hair piece. Its a perfect way to make any hairstyle look like a whimsical fairy tale.

Pearly Whites

pearl hair jewellery

This is a hair jewellery trend we would expect to see on the streets around fashion week. Jazz up a pony, up-do or plait with lots of stands of pearls for a really unique hairstyle. This would be an amazing bridal look or even try and make it more casual with less pearls. I would love to wear pearls in my hair for a fancy dinner and drinks or a party, but that might just be me. Where would you wear this super chic look?

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