Jewellery Trends 2019

Jewellery trends are becoming more and more classy as the year goes on. This blog post will go through the key trends that we will be seeing in 2019.


pearl jewellery trend

Pearls are making they’re way back into our lives. It may be time to start fishing through your mum’s and granny’s jewellery boxes to find their pearly treasures. We are seeing pearls of all shapes and sizes. Natural misshapen pearls are finally getting their time to shine. It’s guaranteed if you were to rock some pearl jewellery you would be serving up some seriously classy vibes. This trend channels Audrey Hepburn and who wouldn’t want to be like her.


shell jewellery trend

Summer last year introduced shells into our jewellery and it’s coming back for the hotter weather. The trend was picked up first by a few select Instagram babes and celebs but now it’s in full swing and everyone wants a piece of that shell action. The different variations means that you can achieve any look with metallic shells to natural shells.

Hair Jewellery

hair jewellery trend

I’m sure you have all seen this jewellery trend as it has been making it’s way onto all of our Instagram feeds. This is where a lot of these trend come into one as shells, pearls, diamantes and jewels are decorating hair everywhere. Sassy words seem to be leading the way along with pearl clips. Who wouldn’t want a giant sparkly DRIPPING GLAM on their head? Short, long, curly or straight this trend is for all you gals looking to accessorise to the max.


chain jewellery trend

Finally the jewellery trend that makes a real statement. Chains in all different thicknesses and with all different links make any outfit, no matter how simple, a masterpiece. Layer them up and mix and match metals and styles to create a multidimensional look.

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