Pearl Jewellery: The Classic Trend Making its Way into Modern Times

We all love the classic look of pearl jewellery. You probably remember your mum or grandmother having a string of white pearls while you were growing up. At least I did. They bring a sense of nostalgia and class to whoever wears them. Now, pearls are making their way into the younger generations jewellery boxes. If they even have jewellery boxes.

Pearls can now be seen set in modern style pieces. Paired together with intricate metal-work of silver, gold & rose gold. Set alongside diamonds and gemstones and so much more. Pearl jewellery is the the new casual everyday piece to pair alongside any outfit, but particularly summer styling.

pearl jewellery styling inspiration

Who knew pearls could be so versatile. Long gone are the days where pearls were worn to fancy events and dinners. Wear them to the bar, to the beach or to the shops. Wear them everyday, the possibilities are endless. Pearl jewellery is the ultimate everyday piece when you want to add something chic yet effortless.

So without further a do, here are our top picks from our Bejouled Jewellery Shop to fulfill your pearl fantasies.

So what do you think? Will pearls be part of your everyday staples? Or are you going to save them for that special event?

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