Trending: Pink Stone Engagement Rings

As a true pink lover, I am over the moon to be seeing pink engagement rings make an appearance. Over the past few months, here at the shop we’ve been getting multiple rosy commissions. So in case you missed any I thought I would create a post highlighting all of the beauties!

Pink Diamond

pink diamond

Now this is the beauty that seemed to start it all. This gorgeous pink diamond ring was a remodel of a vintage engagement ring. The diamond was reset into a platinum shank with white diamonds set into the shoulders. The unusual placement of the oval diamond was taken from the original design in order to keep the vintage essence.

Emerald Morganite

This is a classic design from Bejouoled, but obviously with a pinky twist. This engagement ring features an emerald cut morganite. Morganites are a rare semi-precious stone, cousins to the emerald and aquamarine. This is a stunning alternative to a diamond. The stone is surrounded with white brilliant cut diamonds in this angular halo with diamonds also appearing down the shoulders. This beauty has the ultimate sparkle factor.

Oval Morganite

This is our most recent commission which features a gorgeous oval morganite. This is a very classic trilogy design with two brilliant cut diamonds set on either side. All the stones are set on a platinum shank and in my opinion white metals really make the pink of the stone stand out. As you may have noticed a lot of the stones have been set alongside white diamonds. As these are pale stones the white diamonds really emphasis the pink colour. Although if you did want a stand alone pink stone I’m sure it would look just as stunning.

So that is just a couple of our recent pink commissions. We hope to get many more in the coming future. Which one was your favourite?

If you would like to create your own bespoke pink stone ring, click the link and get in touch!