Rough Diamonds- What are they?

Here at Bejouled in Glasgow we aim to create each customer’s dream Engagement Ring. Whether that be a classic diamond solitaire, or something a little bit different, Bejouled can design a ring to suit any style or budget. We love when a customer comes in with an idea that is totally original. We have had the pleasure of creating some engagement rings that included a stunning alternative to a traditional center Stone…introducing rough diamonds.

bespoke engagement rings glasgow

Prior to late 2017, Bejouled had never worked with these distinct stones before. Then all of a sudden, three requests were made in one week! The opportunity to start designing with these beautiful diamonds is a particularly exciting prospect for staff here at Bejouled.

What are Rough Diamonds?

The idea of using these alternative diamonds for an engagement ring is so rare, and therefore few people are aware of their true beauty. Allow us to explain what they are, and perhaps tempt you into designing your own showstopping rough diamond ring.


bespoke engagement rings glasgow


Rough diamonds are simply stones that have not undergone any treatment after they were found in the earth.  In general, most diamonds sold in jewellery stores have been worked with to give them a certain shape and sparkle. They also undergo polishing. However, rough diamonds remain uncut and unpolished, and they have not been altered at all after being mined.

Mother Nature creates rough diamonds in a plethora of sizes, shapes and colours, each with their own unique personality. To many, they might appear like a piece of coloured glass and usually have a yellowish/brown tint to them.

rough diamonds

Not only does their unique appearance make them the perfect alternative to traditional diamonds, they are also a lot less expensive. Many rough diamonds that you see for sale are cheap because they can’t be cut, and are of industrial quality. This is because the cost to cut them is more than the final product will be worth. As a result, the natural beauty remains untouched!

bespoke engagement rings glasgow

So there you have it- a little bit about these gorgeous stones and a their stunning properties. If you you would like further information on creating your own bespoke ring, or have been thinking about rough diamonds and would like to know the different options, get in touch today and start your Bejouled Love Story.