5 Jewellery Pieces you need for your Collection

We are all a fan of a trending jewellery piece but everyone needs a few staples. Classic items can be added to any outfit and will look amazing! This post will go through all of our top picks for your collection.

Diamond Studs

Diamond studs are one of the most classic jewellery pieces that everyone needs in their jewellery box. I know this because my mum wears her diamond stud earrings everyday and that’s what inspired my first diamond purchase. They are guaranteed to look amazing with everything and will last a lifetime if they are looked after.


I wear a pendant everyday and I know so many people that do too. It is one of those everyday jewellery pieces that is the ultimate staple. Whether it be an everyday piece or an occasion piece everyone needs a pendant in their lives.

Long Necklace

A long necklace is perfect for layering with your staple pendants. I wear the same combo almost everyday. My staple pendant is paired with my long coin necklace and the combination goes with everyone of my outfits. Long necklaces add a bit of detail to an outfit especially if you are wearing a more plain top.

Simple Bangles

A simple bangle is guaranteed to add a little class to any outfit. They look sleek and chic (that was an unintentional rhyme) with everything. Whether they are plain or not they are the perfect addition to your wrist for any occasion. We love layering them up and mixing metals for a dimensional look and to add a bit of edge.

Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings are such a feminine jewellery piece and there are so many variations nowadays. But really you can’t beat a pair of classic good quality hoops. Whatever your metal preference, gold, silver or rose everyone needs a good pair of hoops.


Pearls are the ultimate symbol of class. Because of that we absolutely recommend having a pearl item in your jewellery collection. A simple string of pearls can take an outfit to a whole new level. They can take a white shirt and black trousers from schoolgirl to Coco Chanel.

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