Unusual Engagement Ring Designs

In our many years of engagement ring design we have seen a fair few amount of unusual engagement ring designs! And we’ve even had the pleasure of bringing some to life. Away from our daily tasks we love exploring weird and wonderful rings for inspiration. So, in today’s post we want to share some of our favourites with you!

All Wrapped Up

unusual engagement ring designs

We are just captivated by the beauty of these solitaire engagement rings with a “twist”! In this design, the solitaire diamond or gemstone is surrounded by a lace of brilliant cut stones. These are arranged organically around the centre stone making this design a truly unusual engagement ring option. We consider it a take on the classic halo. However, in this case, the shape of the stone is enhanced by the placement of the lace of diamonds.


unusual engagement ring designs

This design is a vintage masterpiece and perfect for those who can’t decide which stone they love more. This unusual engagement ring features two stones of equal size in perfect balance. A modern twist to this design is to have a slight size difference in the stones for an asymmetrical look. So if you love emeralds and diamonds in equal measure, get creative with this back-to-back design.


unusual engagement ring designs

We love the current trend of constellation inspired jewellery However, it is now making it’s way into engagement rings. This unusual engagement ring design is simply stunning. Although we love a statement centre stone we would happily make an exception for this sparkling beauty. Perfect for someone who wants something bit different that is a total eye catcher.

Under Pressure

unusual engagement ring designs

The final unusual engagement ring design is a risky one. In this design, the centre stone is held in completely by pressure from the surrounding shank. These magic tricks are a masterpiece of design. We are captivated by their uniqueness. However, although we may love them these designs should be appreciated as works of art as the integrity of the design is too much of a risk to the diamond.

If you want to see even more unusual engagement ring designs take a look at our Pinterest page!