Wedding Trends 2019

It’s only January and already you can see the wedding trends that are going to steal the show this year. From simple to smells we’re going to cover our top 4 wedding trends 2019.

Less is More

Following the wedding of Prince Harry and the beautiful Meghan Markle it’s not surprising that the first wedding trend of 2019 is the simple wedding dress. After Meghan’s bardot Givenchy gown was revealed the more classic look has been appearing more and more on the wedding runways. Even extravagant designers are taking the same approach to their 2019 collections.

wedding trend: simple dresses

Smells Like a Wedding Day

Another wedding trend, cultivated by the leading scent brand Jo Malone, is the idea of scenting your wedding. The idea is based around scents being a big part of memory creation in our brain. By filling your venue with your favourite scent, every time you smell it again will take you back to your big day. If you’re feeling thrifty bulk buy some of your favourite candles and have them burning on your big day. Even mix and match scents for your unique concoction.

It’s Easy being Green

Eucalyptus is making a huge appearance in many wedding trends of this year as couples are opting for a more natural approach. Consequently its popping up everywhere, in bouquets, as table decorations and even on wedding stationary, you name it. With this greener weddings are becoming the new craze. Maybe it’s our wishful thinking that if we bring more greenery inside it might look like we’re having an outdoor wedding.

Diamonds/Rubies/Emeralds… are a Girls Best Friend

The final wedding trend that is right up our street are alternative engagement and wedding rings. Coloured jewels aren’t just for royalty in 2019. Coloured stones are becoming more and more sought after for people that want something different and unique (which we specialise at). Alongside rubies and emeralds are multi coloured diamonds and natural stones like opals. These stones are joining the raw diamond in the throne room of unique stones. The possibilities are literally endless and we love it!

wedding trend: alternative stones

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