Which Diamond Cut is Best For You, and Why?

As our director, Darren, tells each customer when they step into Bejouled, in search of the perfect diamond engagement ring: Buying a Diamond is a minefield!

The ‘4 C’s’ must be considered when buying these sparkling stones, but but first of all we will start with the most basic (and important) step- the cut.


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Diamonds are renowned for their ability to transmit light and sparkle so intensely. We often think of a diamond cut as being the shape- for example, round, heart, oval, marquise and pear. However, a diamond’s cut grade is actually about how well a diamond’s facets interact with light. In other words, it’s about how much it SPARKLES! There is a huge variety of cuts out there that you can go for. Take a look below and see the options available, before deciding which cut and style of Engagement Ring suits you best!

Take a look at our previous commissions to see some of the showstopping designs we have created with these breathtaking cuts of diamonds.


The most popular, and timelessly classic, cut of engagement ring is the round style. This is symmetrical and shaped like a cone with the top rounded off to give a beautiful look.

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A contemporary take on the round cut, the princess is a pyramid shape with a square top and pointed corners. It is eye catching as a solitaire, or as a halo.


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Similar to the traditional round cut, the oval style is a contemporary and unique engagement ring.

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A versatile cut which looks stunning on many diamonds and stones, the emerald cut is a beautiful shallow, rectangular style.

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A dramatic lengthened shape with sharp ends, this cut gives a grander look to the stone, as well as emphasizing carat weight.

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An increasingly popular style, the cushion cut can be square or rectangular in shape. With rounded corners and large facets, it really makes an impact.

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Also known as the teardrop, this cut is known for its rounded end and single top point. The pear cut is worn towards or away from the hand, depending on your preference. There is no rule!

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