Wedding DIY’s: The Ultimate Wedding Guide

So as I am currently in the process of planning a wedding I have decided that I will be taking a DIY approach. I love getting crafty so I am excited to start. Until then, I thought I would share a few DIY wedding projects that I have seen in my research!

DIY Welcome Sign

diy wedding sign

These wedding welcome signs are popping up everywhere and although they aren’t essential, they do add an extra touch. I have been seeing wooden signs made out of wooden pallets which include the order of the day. This is perfect if you want to add in this aspect on a budget. You can pick up recycled wooden pallets online for around £10. After that you can paint and decorate how you would like and write your welcome message.

DIY Photobooth

diy wedding photobooth

I am obsessed with these Polaroid frame photo booths. This offers your guests a fun place to take all there wedding day snaps and is also a place where you can put your wedding hashtag if you have one. If you have a handy person around you, ask them for there help building this frame out of copper pipe and hand your Polaroid frame cut out in the middle. Remember to think about all the short and tall people that might be attending and adjust the height to try and include all.

DIY Shot Favours

diy wedding favours

These little alcohol favours are perfect for all your adult guests and are sure to go down a treat. No one will give up a free shot of booze at a party of event. You can hand make all the little tags for your miniatures and gather the wedding party to assemble. This also can act as a fun toasting activity if you’re not really into the whole champagne toast. Get all your guests to take a shot with you to toast your marriage.

DIY Polaroid Guest Book

diy wedding guestbook

I saw one of these at a 21st and I thought it was a perfect idea for a wedding. All you need is a Polaroid camera, film and a scrapbook and you are good to go. Maybe make a sign letting your guests know what to do. Get them to take a picture of themselves and write a not next to there picture. This is an amazing way to make sure you have a picture of all of your guests at the same time as getting a loving message from them.

So there you have it. Just a few DIY wedding ideas that I have been seeing while researching for my own wedding. I’m sure there will be plenty more I find in the next 10 months. Would you like me to share more wedding ideas I come across?

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