Scottish Wedding Traditions: Your Complete Wedding Guide

As we know Scotland is a beautiful country and also comes with many traditions. And a few of those include Scottish wedding traditions. Now we don’t expect every Scottish wedding to have all of these weird and wonderful traditions, it is nice to think about them.

Lucky Charms

white heather scottish wedding tradition

Now I thought I would begin with a few Scottish lucky charms. After doing quite a bit of research I found that here in bonny Scotland it is very lucky for the bride to have white heather put in her bouquet for good luck. This lucky charm is mostly used in the borders.

Another charm that I had no clue even came from Scotland was to have a sixpence in your shoe. Now this is something I was going to do for my own wedding but I definitely will now I know that it is a Scottish tradition!

Scottish Quaich

The quaich is a small dish with two handles that you would drink whisky out of. Traditionally this would be passed around the wedding party after the wedding. My cousin had this implemented into her ceremony and had the grandparents drink from it. I always saw it as a symbolism of two families joining together.

Wedding Sark

This a tradition that I love. This is where the bride and groom give each other a wedding gift. Traditionally the bride would buy her groom’s shirt and the groom would buy the bride’s dress. Nowadays, it is usually just a token like a piece of jewellery or cuff-links. I like the idea of giving the gift along with a letter on the morning of the wedding.

What do you think of these Scottish wedding traditions? Would you have any on your big day?

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