Winter Wedding Inspiration: The Ultimate Guide

Since this is the first blog post of December I thought it was a perfect time to write our winter wedding inspiration post. Although the summer months are a prime favourite, there is just something so magical about winter weddings. From decorations to food there are so many wintry options to consider.


winter wedding decorations

Now I have perhaps went very Christmas themed for our decoration section but I can’t help it. When you think winter wedding you just have to involve a Christmas tree, don’t you? From our inspiration images you can see a Christmas tree altar, pine cone place settings and probably the biggest wreath you’ve ever seen. What better way to celebrate the season. This wreath would make an epic backdrop for your ceremony or your top table and is a subtle way to inject a little Christmas into your big day. You might not want Christmas trees but we loved the idea of including a few in the ceremony decorated or au natural.


winter wedding dresses

If you live in a colder climate like good old Scotland, there’s no avoiding the cold. So, in that case, a wedding dress with sleeves might be a good idea. If you’re a hardcore bride and want to go sleeveless then go you! But if you love winter but don’t have any resistance to the weather, sleeves of a faux fur wrap may be your best bet. I just loved these three beauties and their simplicity. Number three with it’s blush underskirt is absolutely stunning, what do you think?


winter flowers

I stuck to three main styles for our winter wedding flower section. Winter colours, tree bits and frosty. A classic winter flower trend is a hint of burgundy or deep red in your flower selection. No matter your other choice of flowers, the red hues will take you right into the winter season. Another way if, like me, you love Christmas you can add bits of Christmas tree into your bouquet for a festive theme. Similarly, adding a frosted look to you bouquet makes your flowers look like they have been touched by Jack Frost. I think this looks so magical for winter time celebrations.


winter wedding food

Finally, the food. Food is undoubtedly the most important aspect of a wedding to your guests and if you want it wintry then here are a few ideas for you. Comfort food and winter warmers like soup are a crowd pleaser. f your guests are chilly then there’s nothing like a hot cup of soup to warm their bellies. Similarly, I think the idea of having a hot chocolate stand is a perfect little touch to add to your winter wedding. Make it fun for your guests and have different toppings and flavours for them to create their own. I couldn’t leave out this super adorable ginger bread bride and groom cake! This is a super festive way to adopt the season into your cake and who wouldn’t want to dive into a ginger bread masterpiece?

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