Rings of the Year 2020

What a year this has been. We are hoping for bigger and better things in 2021, but just because this year was not the best doesn't mean we didn't

7 Styles of Engagement Rings

Solitaire Solitaire style engagement rings can be so classic and simple but also have so much edge. Traditionally a solitaire would have one centre stone, but now, with the beauty

Things to do in Lockdown

After a week in lockdown, I thought it was time to use this experience to create a blog post. Since the vast majority of us are now confined within

Fluffy Pancake Recipe

Since it's Pancake Tuesday we couldn't not share a super easy recipe for you to try. So if you missed out on your sweet treat this morning raid your

Our Most Asked Questions

Here at Bejouled we get a lot of questions about our gorgeous designs and we don't blame you. We know they are fabulous! A lot of the questions we
lab grown diamonds

Lab Grown Diamonds

Here at Bejouled, we are excited to announce that from May 2019 we will be offering both organic diamonds and lab grown diamonds. This makes us one of the

Gemstone Meanings

In case you didn't hear, gemstones are making a comeback! More and more people are opting for colourful stones whether that be rubies or sapphires and even mystical stones

The Night Before the Big Day

The night before your wedding day can be a night filled with excitement and sometimes anxiety. This post will talk through some tips and tricks to make that night
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