Black Diamond


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Welcome the sold black diamond ring, exclusive in Scotland to Bejouled and as one of only two luxury stockists in the UK. Yup, we are giving grooms-to-be the opportunity to experience the ultimate luxury wedding band made entirely of diamonds – who said diamonds were just a girl’s best friend, eh? Adding to our extensive bespoke offering, the solid black diamond ring has been praised for its highly durable, tough wearing qualities; diamond cannot scratch and is therefore the definitive hard wearing wedding band. The band is formed from pressing millions of diamond crystals together under a million psi (pounds per square inch) at a temperature of over 1,500 degrees Celsius, pretty impressive we think..

The black colour of the rings is created because there are literally millions of diamond crystals pressed together in non-symmetrical orientation, therefore light will not pass through as it would with a single diamond crystal. Unlike any other band, the whole of the solid black ring is made entirely of pressed diamond. Diamond is at least 4 times harder wearing than materials such as Tungsten and up to 10 times harder than ceramic. Ideal for men looking for a harder wearing wedding band which is still luxurious and  that little bit different.

Darren loves the new rings and hopes you will too, he said ‘I always love to offer my customers something a little different, never the hard sell or working to a sales target, always one-to-one service with a smile – and the ring design of your dreams, of course! As the only Scottish stockist of the solid black diamond rings, we have worked to ensure grooms-to-be can experience the thrill of a diamond in their wedding band. We can create the solid black diamond in a style which suits them and their partner, from adding a single white diamond to adding a platinum inlay to the solid diamond. The choice really is yours’.

To discover the dark side of luxury with the brand new solid black diamond, create an appointment and begin your Bejouled love story! Simply email [email protected] or call us on 0141 649 7675.