As well as being Scotland’s premier destination for bespoke engagement and wedding rings, Bejouled also offer various bespoke workshop services, offering services from repairs and cleaning to carrying out trade work and remodelling jewellery.

Whatever the job, big or small, do not hesitate to get in touch for Bejouled’s bespoke workshop services. With over 25 years’ industry experience, let us pass on our skill and expertise to your jewellery box.


Our valuations are compiled on the basis of what a broadly similar article will cost to replace in the unfortunate event of loss or damage. The figures represent average retail prices in the local market. The description will be full and adequately detailed to enable a comparable article(s) of similar quality to be obtained in the event of a claim being submitted to your insurer.


Engraving is becoming increasingly popular again due to the introduction of laser engraving, offering an even more diverse range of capabilities from simple block text to more elaborate flowing script fonts and logos. At Bejouled, apart from rhodium plating in Glasgow, we can make your engraving even more personal with the option to engrave your own handwriting or even your fingerprint onto your chosen jewellery.


If you wear jewellery made of materials such as white gold, you will need to maintain these pieces over time due to the rhodium plating being used to give white gold its bright fading. We offer a full rhodium plating in Glasgow to ensure your jewellery looks its best for the years to come, all done in our on-site workshop.


Bejouled founder Darren White has over 25 years’ experience in jewellery manufacturing, diamond setting, design and rhodium plating in Glasgow. Darren has worked for major jewellers across the UK and Ireland, carrying out trade work for the most established and respected jewellery brands in the UK.


Sometimes your jewellery just needs a professional clean and polish to get it back to its sparkling best. We may be known for our bespoke engagement rings and wedding bands in Scotland, but we can clean and polish any piece of jewellery you require and make it look as good as new.


We at Bejouled are specialist diamond and precious gem setters. Our expert service means diamonds and stones can be replaced or reset, including the repair of damaged claws and ring shanks. Whether it is your engagement or wedding band or simply a favourite ring missing a stone, we will restore it to its full glory.