Personalised Eternity Rings in Glasgow, Scotland

The eternity ring symbolises your lifetime of love, a powerful representation of your eternal commitment. Due to its beautiful sentiment, the eternity ring is traditionally given to mark a special occasion or milestone in your journey together, a first anniversary or birth of your first child. Although it is mostly women who wear an eternity rings, there has been an increase in men also choosing to wear one.

Like all of our rings, we create your eternity ring entirely bespoke to you. Whether you are looking for a ring to sit perfectly with your engagement and wedding ring or have an exact idea for your dream eternity band, make an appointment with us now and we can create your perfect personalised ring.

Full Eternity Rings

full eternity

A popular choice, full eternity rings have stones set around the entire band or shank of your ring. A simply stunning choice, the full band choice is perfect for those who love an eye-catching sparkle with stones set right around the ring onto a usually thinner band. Beautiful worn between your engagement and wedding ring, the eternity ring can also be worn alone on your right hand.

Half Eternity Rings

half eternity

This style sees stones set on only half of the ring’s circumference, preferred by some due to ease of wearing and resizing. Although stones are only visible on one side of the ring, it still creates a great impact and some wearers find it more comfortable than a full eternity ring due to less stones.

Gemstone Eternity Rings

gemstone eternity

Our bespoke service allows you to choose your preferred colour and size of gemstones, beautiful for adding a little colour to your eternity ring. A popular choice is to use both diamonds and gemstones, however gemstone only styles can also be designed. To add sentiment, designs can incorporate the birthstone colours of you and your partner, your children or perhaps the month you were married.

stone types

When you have chosen the style of band most suited to you, you also have the choice of your exact stone type. Whether you opt for brilliant cut, baguettes or even two or three rows of stones, we will create your dream ring right here at our bespoke workshop.

All of what you see here is only an example of some of the rings we have created, we highly recommend to make an appointment to discuss your exact requirements.

eternity rings

the possibilities are endless

We are proud to say that we can achieve any look you want. We can do this through our huge selection alongside our fully bespoke service.

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