Choosing Your Diamond

Choosing a stone shape is a defining factor in creating the perfect piece. The centre stone determines the look and feel of your bespoke piece and we want to help you choose your perfect stone.


Undoubtedly the most popular cut of engagement ring, the round style is symmetrical. It is shaped like a cone, with the top rounded off to give it a beautiful look.


The princess is a pyramid shape with a square top and pointed corners. This style is a contemporary take on the round cut.


The oval style is a contemporary and unique engagement ring. Also, it bears similarity to the traditional round cut. However, it is that little bit different.


The emerald cut is a beautiful shallow, rectangular style. This is a versatile cut which suits a number of diamonds and stones.


The marquise is a  dramatic lengthened shape with sharp ends. This cut gives a grander look to the stone, and emphasises carat weight.


The cushion style has grown in popularity over recent years. The cushion cut can be square or rectangular in shape, with rounded corners and large facets. Furthermore, it really makes an impact as an engagement ring.


Known for its teardrop shape the pear cut has a rounded end and single top point. This cut is worn towards or away from the hand, depending on personal preference, giving a unique feel to your ring.


The heart shaped diamond is similar to a pear shaped cut but with a cleft cut into the top. Moreover, this is a romantic and very feminine style.

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