Bridal Trends for Spring 2024

Bridal Trends for Spring 2024

Discover the latest bridal jewellery trends of the season with new engagement rings, wedding bands, custom options, and more.

Spotlight on Trending Stone Shapes

The demands for fancy-shaped center and accent stones are surging in 2024, with emerald, baguette, and oval shapes taking center stage — stay ahead of the curve with engagement ring styles that appeal to any bride. 


Wider Shanks and Two-Tone Elements

For newer brides who are seeking sophisticated engagement rings with an elevated feel, wider shanks (also referred to as “cigar band” styles) give the perfect opportunity to showcase their center stone with a unique — and secure — base in their metal quality and color of choice. Add in customizable features like two-tone elements and delicate accents for a creative edge.


Contemporary Aesthetics

Spring 2024 is seeing the continued rise in interest for lab-grown diamonds — now favored by more than 36% of couples and 25% of couples opting for them as their stone of choice, their popularity is undeniable. Not only do lab-grown diamonds bring the WOW factor in brilliance and clarity, but they also allow for larger carat weight sizes that meet any couple’s needs without sacrificing their budget.

Explore engagement ring and wedding band styles that feature these trending, contemporary aesthetics — ready to be set with any couple’s choice of natural or lab-grown diamond or gemstone.


Refreshed Solitaire Styles

From halo-style and vintage-inspired designs to intricate detailing and accents, solitaire engagement ring styles allow any bride to explore the endless possibilities of expression. Inspire customers to breathe new life into these classic styles with trending settings, romantic elements, and brilliant accents.