How to Clean and Care for Your Wedding Ring

How to Clean and Care for Your Wedding Ring

Probably the most important piece of jewellery you will ever own, a wedding ring shouldn’t go without regular maintenance. After years of wear, a wedding ring can start to lose its shine, and even the diamond might not glisten like it used to. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to make sure this never happens. Throughout this article, we will discuss the proper steps to take and the absolute must-nots when it comes to cleaning and caring for your precious wedding ring. 

What not to do

First of all, we thought we would let you know the absolute must-nots when it comes to caring for your wedding ring. If you can start to abide by these rules, your ring will look much better for longer. 

Don’t handle any nasty chemicals – You should always remove your ring when handling chemicals such as bleach or other cleaning products. These products can dull the ring and also damage the gemstone. Another unsuspecting chemical to avoid when wearing your wedding ring is hand sanitiser which can also dull the ring and weaken the prongs’ grip on the diamond. This can be catastrophic. 

Avoid touching the centre stone – We are all aware that diamonds are one of the strongest stones on earth, but there are things that we do need to worry about and that is handling them. These stones are known for attracting dirt and dust, but a little-known fact is that they also attract oil from our skin. The more often we touch them, the hazier they might become. So when you remove your ring, never hold it by the centre stone. 

Never remove your ring when you are in public – We have all heard horror stories of someone losing their wedding ring in a bar or, even worse, in the street. One of the best ways to care for a ring and always ensure you have it is by keeping it on when you are out of the home. If you need to take it off for something out of the home, it is probably best to remove it prior and store it safely until you return. 

Avoid specific household tasks when wearing your wedding ring – Plenty of household tasks can cause your ring to slip from your finger or damage its shine. It is a good idea to take it off when doing any housework, but some of the most dangerous household jobs for wedding rings are washing up, hanging the laundry, and gardening.

Precautions to take to when taking care of your wedding ring

Now we will share some of the things you should do to take the best care of your wedding ring. If you follow this guide, you will hopefully never be disappointed.

Remove your ring during any hands-on activity – As mentioned above, it is crucial to remove it when participating in any hands-on activity. This isn’t simply narrowed down to household jobs either. If you work in a physical environment, you should leave your wedding ring at home to avoid damaging it. 

Keep secure ring spaces around your home – The great idea is to create designated safe places for your wedding ring around the home. This means you can take it off and put it somewhere safe quickly and efficiently when something comes up. These can be in the form of bowls, small drawers, boxes, or anything you wish; it is a great chance to get creative. 

Get your ring insured – We want to avoid the cost of insurance, and it is easy to assume that bad things will never happen to us. However, the unfortunate truth is that we are all susceptible to these events. Therefore, it is better to be safe than sorry and purchase insurance in case anything bad happens to your wedding ring. 

Regularly book maintenance appointments – It is important to book regular appointments with your jeweller to check on your ring. They will have the professional knowledge to let you know what upkeep needs to be done to keep your ring looking great and in one piece. 

Keep it clean – keeping your wedding ring clean can help prevent the build-up of dirt, dust, oils, and chemicals that can be extremely damaging. It is ideal for getting into a regular habit of giving your ring the once-over it needs to thrive. This can also reduce the risk of high costs when it comes to professional maintenance. 

How to clean your wedding and engagement rings at home

When it comes to cleaning your rings at home, there are some great techniques that you can use. But like many things, the old ways work best. The most important thing when you clean your ring is to be gentle and never scrub it too hard. Using an old soft toothbrush and nothing with harsh or stiff bristles is also crucial. 

To clean your ring, soak it in warm water with a bit of washing-up liquid for around twenty minutes. Afterwards, gently rub down the entire ring, getting to every part where it may have trapped dirt or dust. This will leave your ring looking as good as new. It is recommended to do this every six months. If you can’t seem to get it clean, then it is essential to seek professional help so that they can give it steam using the correct equipment. 

Do you need any additional advice concerning wedding or engagement rings?

If you need any advice concerning your wedding or engagement ring maintenance, we are here to help. With a tremendous amount of collective knowledge and experience, the team at Bejouled can guide you with whatever your queries might be. When it comes to engagement or wedding rings in Glasgow, you can count on us. These rings are some of the most important possessions you will ever own, so get in touch and chat with one of our professionals today.