How to Get the Ring Size for Your Partner’s Engagement Ring?

How to Get the Ring Size for Your Partner’s Engagement Ring?

One of the most stressful aspects of planning a proposal is how to determine the perfect engagement ring size of your partner. Proposals are typically planned to be a surprise so every effort must be made to get the details right without your partner learning about it. This can be difficult when the best ways to figure out the ring size involve coming in contact with the desired ring finger.

Being a little cunning and recruiting allies that serve as decoys can be a big help. Here are some suggestions you can hopefully apply to get the ring size before having to choose what bespoke engagement rings in Glasgow to choose from.

Ask for help choosing a ring for someone else

If you have another lady in your life who is going to soon celebrate an occasion like a birthday or anniversary or graduation, you can probably convince your partner to help you pick out a ring for them as a gift.

Like a commemorative ring for your sister’s graduation or gemstone anniversary for your parents’ marriage. Be sure to inform the jeweller ahead of time of what you intend so they can discreetly help in figuring out her ring size as she tests out different rings for you.

You can also use this opportunity to subtly ask about what ring styles and gemstones she prefers that will guide your final choice for her engagement ring. Remember that it is not just the ring size that matters. The aesthetic she prefers will help narrow down your choices better.

Borrow her ring

Hopefully, your-soon-to-be-fiancée likes rings and will have some in her jewellery box that you can quickly borrow and take to the jeweller to get the right ring size. If you are looking for how to secretly determine ring size, this is probably the easiest.

However, just like shoe and clothing sizes, ring sizes can fluctuate somewhat with time. To get the most accurate sizing, choose a ring you have seen her wear comfortably in the most recent times and not just anything out of her jewellery box.

Also, pay attention and try to ensure it is a ring she wears on her left ring finger. Ring finger size can differ between the left and right hands. And, try to get back into her jewellery box quick so she does not notice it was missing.

Alternatively, get a small soap, like those in hotel minibars and press the ring down into it so it leaves an indentation you can take to the jeweller. Remember to brush off any soap residue on the ring to avoid leaving evidence.  Tracing the ring on a piece of paper can also work. Be sure to trace both the inside and outside circumference of the ring.

Recruit her friends

Asking for your girlfriend's friends' help in choosing a ring is commonplace. More so if there are those in the friend circle that are also getting engaged and married. They can find or create an opportunity to discuss their preferences in terms of ring style and even pop into a jeweller to try out rings.

If they can convince her to go out shopping at the mall, it can feel natural to want to explore a jewellery store to see what is on offer. Again, it can also help if the jeweller is also in the know and can discreetly find a way to get her correct ring size.

A good way to get her friends to help is to offer to sponsor the shopping trip and chances are they will be more than happy to be of help. You will have created an opportunity for them to indulge in some retail therapy and girl bonding while gaining the information you need to ensure an awesome proposal and the perfect engagement ring.

Ask mum to help

Many men will start the process of engaging their partner by seeking the blessing of her parents before going ahead with the proposal. This means that the mother of the bride-to-be will be in the know. You can ask for her help in finding out the daughter's ring size. If they are particularly close, she may already have this information.

Alternatively, she could seek to have a nonchalant talk with her, maybe bringing into the conversation the possibility of her inheriting her jewellery and asking her to try the rings. They may even just go out for a fun outing and pick up costume jewellery which could include rings that are a perfect fit and that you can use to size her engagement ring. There are many ways she may be able to bring the conversation around to rings and possibly find out her ring size and preference when it comes to style.

Trick her on game night

Arrange for a game night where you have friends over and can easily insert a question that would lead to the information you need. After many questions and laughs, you can say that science has proven that you can arrive at a person’s shoe size by adding one to their ring size, or some other calculations, and having several people test out the theory, including her.

This can be a bit tricky to pull off, but when you have had an evening of plenty of food, fun and drinks, chances are she probably will not remember any of it by morning. Be sure to keep sober so you do not mess up the plan.

Leave it to the jeweller

You could also take a more direct approach and deliver your girl right to the jeweller. You could ask her to help you shop for a gift of some form of jewellery for someone else. Anything, but not a ring. When you get to the store, take your time browsing for the supposed gift after having left her right next to the ring display.

Chances are she will be drawn to their sparkling beauty and the jeweller can entice her to give some a try while finding out her correct fit. This will naturally require that you visit the jeweller beforehand to help you out with executing the plan. Most will be delighted to help, more so when they know you will be placing your order for the engagement ring at their store.

Catch her when she sleeps

If she is a heavy sleeper, you could also get the information you need by simply measuring her finger while she sleeps. Ensure that you go for the left ring finger. You can use a piece of non-stretchy string and gently wrap it around the base of her finger. Use a marker to mark the point at which the thread meets and take this to the jeweller to identify the correct ring size.

Go with the averages

If all else fails and you do not want to just ask, you could just go with the averages. The average ring size for a woman is somewhere between size five to seven. If she is a bit heavier or taller, you may want to go up a size, or if more petite or shorter, go down a size.

If you are guessing ring size, it is better to err on the larger size. This will make it more likely that you will not have difficulty getting the ring past your partner’s knuckle when proposing. It can be embarrassing to find that you cannot get it on properly. But do not make too large an estimate as it may prove difficult to resize later if needed.

Tips for when resizing

Resizing a ring usually involves the jeweller cutting through the back of the band to add or remove material, thus making the ring bigger or smaller. This change is best accomplished when the ring size is adjusted by no more than two sizes up or down. Any more and the integrity of the ring could suffer and force the jeweller to have to change the band altogether. It is also not recommended to have a ring resized any more than two or three times.

Most types of rings can be resized, but certain styles, like eternity rings that have diamonds around the band, have designs that would make it very difficult. You have better chances of being able to resize when the engagement ring you choose has a metal back with a solitaire setting.

If you already have a ring style in mind, consult with the jeweller on what your options are when it comes to resizing if you should need this service. If it is a style they have in stock in different sizes, then chances are you simply need to adhere to their term limits in getting the ring back to them for an exchange. However, with custom engagement rings, these would one-of-a-kind pieces that are final sale. If resizing is not possible, you may be stuck with it. With custom rings, you need to get her to see the jeweller so the right measurements are taken.