What You Need To Know About Lab Grown Diamonds

What You Need To Know About Lab Grown Diamonds

Here at Bejouled, we are excited to announce that from May 2019 we will be offering both organic diamonds and lab grown diamonds. This makes us one of the first independent jewellers in Scotland to offer this diamond variation. If you are not sure what lab grown diamonds are read this post to find out more!

A few common questions that people ask are:

What are they?

Lab grown diamonds are diamonds that have been grown in a controlled environment over a number of weeks. The chemical structure of these diamonds is exactly the same as natural grown diamonds which are mined from the ground.

lab grown diamond diagram

The lab mimics the exact conditions of how a natural diamond would be formed in nature by applying a mass amount of heat and pressure to a carbon seed. After applying this process over around four weeks a diamond is formed.

Why do I want them?

Lab grown diamonds are a new and exciting choice for those buying any diamond jewellery and engagement rings. The price of these diamonds can be up to 40% less than natural diamonds even though they are visibly and structurally indifferent.

The other key benefit is that the diamonds have a clear sourcing history and can be traced back to their original origin. Whereas, this is not the case for natural diamonds. Unfortunately, natural diamonds can often originate from mines with poor human welfare. If you have ethical considerations then lab grown may be the way to go.

How do I get them?

As of May 2019 we are giving you the option to use lab grown diamonds in our bespoke pieces and engagement rings. If you are interested in starting your bespoke journey with a lab grown diamond please contact us! Darren, our founder and master jeweller, will be happy to talk you through any questions you may have.