Our Most Asked Questions

Our Most Asked Questions

Here at Bejouled we get a lot of questions about our gorgeous designs and we don't blame you. We know they are fabulous! A lot of the questions we get are very similar so we thought we would answer our most common questions right here.

Where are you based?

If you want to visit us you can find us at 85 Deanston Drive in the heart of Shawlands. This is located in the Southside of Glasgow. If you are driving here there is free parking on the streets surrounding the shop. And if you are using public transport our nearest stations are Pollockshaws East and Shawlands Station.

What price are your rings?

We get this question all the time and it is so hard to give an answer. All of our rings can vary vastly in price based on the metal used and the quality of the stones. We pride ourselves by offering the chance to create your dream ring within your budget. If you want an exact price make an appointment to come into our store and have a chat with our master jeweller, Darren.

Can you remodel my old jewellery?

Why yes of course we can! We get this question tonnes and we totally understand why. Its such an honour to transform old jewellery into something new especially if its a family heirloom that has a special meaning. You can book an appointment and bring the jewellery you wish to recreate and we can talk through ideas with you.

How long does it take to make a ring?

This question is a hard one but after the design has been decided on and stones have been chosen it can take up to 5 weeks. This is all dependent on the design itself whether it is relatively simple or super intricate. And of course how many stones that are to be set can vary the time.

Where do you get your nails done?

And of course a classic question which we love getting. Gabrielle our fantastic hand model and marketing assistant  who is also writing this get's her nails done at either Wildfire Nails by Emma or Max Nail Bar by Maxine. Both are incredible at nail art and excellent company!

Did we answer all your questions? If so get in touch and book your appointment today!