Top Bridal Trends of Summer 2024

Top Bridal Trends of Summer 2024

Looking for the top Bridal Trends of Summer 2024? Well look no further...

We always make sure we are up-to-date with current bridal trends, which include trending styles, stones, shapes, and settings. This ensures we can cater to a new era of modern and diverse styles is important when working with different couples. Every couple requires a unique bridal set to match their story as they embark on a new journey into the world together.

Secure Modern Elegance

For the bride who stays in style with a sleek and refined look, a bezel-set stone will rise to the occasion. The bezel setting wraps around the girdle of the stone with excellent security. This timeless classic design has made a return in the most extraordinary ways with modern approaches.

Stylish Cigar Bands

For the modern bride who’s seeking sophistication, pair engagement rings with wedding bands that reflect a refined look.  The wide shank of a cigar band when paired with a stylish and modern engagement ring brings the eye to the bridal stack and helps perfectly reflect a dazzling center stone.

Highlighting Elevated Stacks

Every couple’s love story is unique and brides deserve a bridal stack as personalized and beautiful as their story. Every bridal stack can be elevated with ring guards, contour bands, and ring wraps that are accented or feature modern designs. Let every stack reflect individuality and personal style.

Modern & Distinctive Men's Bands

With sculptural elements and refined floral-patterned bands, these trending bands offer plenty of distinctive styles for the modern groom. Each unique band reflects the groom’s style—whether it’s creative designs or striking accent stones, ensure that every groom has the perfect band for his perfect day.