Trend Report: Spring 2024 Edition

Trend Report: Spring 2024 Edition

Let’s dive into the standout fine jewelry trends of the season.

Burning Red

Red has been a powerful color trend in the fashion world within the last few months. Let’s be honest though, red is timeless. Therefore, don’t worry about investing in some fun things. Trust me, your customers will be wearing this color for many years to come.

Obviously, we can’t touch on red without a mention to the person of the year, (decade, century? I digress) — Taylor Swift. Her reign of red appeared in full force at the Super Bowl in February as she cheered on boyfriend Travis Kelce and the Kansas City Chiefs to victory.  

Saltburn star Barry Keoghan recently turned up in a stunning custom red plaid Louis Vuitton suit for the 2024 Golden Globes red carpet. His accessories included a pearl necklace and earring featuring a red gemstone.


Puff Power

Simple jewelry staples like hoops, bangles, and ball studs are getting inflated as we move into 2024. Pretend you took your favorite hoops, grabbed an air pump, and watched them grow into a super puffed hoop.

These puffed looks are driving up the size of these staple pieces as well. These on-trend looks are also seen in chain and freeform shapes all over.

This super chunky look was solidified at the Super Bowl with Blake Lively wearing over $500k of big, puffy gold jewelry. For the guys, Patrick Mahomes’ chunky layered chains are a winning combination.


Tennis Time

It’s such an exciting time to be in the diamond jewelry space. The introduction of lab-grown diamonds has created new price points in large fine jewelry. Because of this, it has allowed so many new consumers to own these coveted looks and allowed for more diamond jewelry sales.

Now is the perfect time to offer these luxury looks. The tennis look is going strong in neckwear, bracelets, and even earrings.

Line necklaces and line bracelets are more commonly becoming a part of casual attire as people wear them with more relaxed looks — such as t-shirts and jeans. These styles can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your casual outfits making them appear more polished and put-together.