Wedding Ring Trend for Spring: Crown Wedding Band

Wedding Ring Trend for Spring: Crown Wedding Band

Is it just me or is this style of wedding band popping up everywhere? After seeing this wedding ring trend countless times I thought a designated blog post would be well deserved.

This wedding ring (or eternity ring) trend is a play on the classic shape-to-fit style which we know very well here at Bejouled. However, this trend lends itself to different sized and shaped stones to create a crown effect for your engagement ring. And we think this is an amazing innovation! Most of the time, you don't get to choose what your engagement ring looks like and this way you have a chance to really jazz it up. Whether you have a simple solitaire or perhaps a halo, this wedding band really makes a statement when paired with any ring.

crown wedding ring trend


A few styles I have loved is when there is a gradual change in the size of stones with the centre top stone being the biggest. Especially when they are pear shapes or marquise diamonds, it really looks like a gorgeous tiara. Other styles include baguettes and brilliant cuts for a more modern vibe which we also adore.

Glasgow Girls Rocking the Trend


Two Glasgow girls rocking this trend is makeup queen, Jamie Genevieve and lifestyle blogger, Kate La Vie. Jamie G has a vintage inspired crown ring with pear shapes and brilliant cuts that goes perfectly with her black diamond engagement ring. Perfect for Jamie's unique look. Kate La Vie, on the other hand, after getting married 3 years ago has went for a crown eternity ring. It features marquise diamonds to contrast with her brilliant cut halo engagement ring. What a perfect way to revamp your wedding stack!

Want to create your own crown wedding band? Get in touch, we'd be so excited to help!