Why Men Don’t Wear Engagement Rings?

Why Men Don’t Wear Engagement Rings?

darren whiteIn the past century, not much has changed about engagement rings outside their costs, aesthetics, and the creativity involved in personalising them. When most people think of engagement rings, a gorgeous ring worn by a woman comes to mind. You may be surprised to learn that engagement rings aren't exclusively for ladies. They are worn by men too. 

In our current day and age, societal norms are being challenged and equality amongst all genders has been a major focus. In this article, we tell you why men don't wear engagement rings and the history behind it.

The history behind men’s engagement rings

First, let's go back in time to discover why men should or shouldn't wear engagement rings. Traditionally, men are expected to get down on one knee and propose to their girlfriends dramatically and romantically. In fact, such extravagant proposals are the norm and are regarded as more significant than weddings.

Historically, the Egyptians were the first to adopt the custom of exchanging wedding rings. It was a symbol of eternity in the shape of a circle. The round band on one's finger was a symbol of their unwavering dedication to one other.

In some societies, men are expected to wear engagement rings, and you may be startled to learn this. Engagement rings have been worn for decades in many Latin American countries, most notably Argentina and Chile. They do so since it is a part of their way of life and tradition. Both men and women wear engagement rings as a sign of a lifetime of love and devotion.

Additionally, swapping a woman's hand in marriage for a dowry was common practice. The ancient Romans began presenting "betrothal rings" instead of expensive gifts and dowries in the second century B.C. This was a physical representation of a woman being "taken" and was intended to demonstrate ownership. Thus was born the engagement ring.

The discovery of diamonds in South Africa in the 1880s marked the beginning of a new era. Diamonds as a requirement for an engagement ring were introduced only as a marketing ploy. As a result, the engagement rings we're acquainted with today were developed this way. Some couples may be able to purchase more expensive and extravagant engagement rings made of white or yellow gold or other precious metals. Although times have changed, women can now also propose in these current times, and women are no longer afraid to make the first move and ask men out on dates.

Why don't men wear engagement rings?

Are guys supposed to wear engagement rings in the first place? Society has been trying to answer these questions in the past, but in our current day and age, engagement rings are used to represent a woman’s free choice to marry the man they choose to say yes to. It is a sign of love and commitment.

When it comes down to men wearing engagement rings, the decision to wear this ring or not will depend on personal preferences and beliefs. A vast majority of men do not wear engagement rings, and some swear not to because it isn’t their place to. However, some men don’t mind wearing engagement rings as an outward representation of their emotional commitment to their partners.

And with today’s gender fluidity, women aren’t shy to ask men to marry them. Then, of course, you have same-sex gender couples, in which case, any of the two could propose. In such cases, the engagement ring is still the common denominator in marriage proposals, and both men and women wear it during the engagement period.

Are men supposed to wear engagement rings?
While the majority of men choose to wear simply the wedding band, others do not mind wearing engagement rings to signify their upcoming weddings.

Men who wish to wear engagement rings must state that they are merely engaged since other men will think they are already married if they are seen wearing a ring. While some guys may not mind wearing engagement rings, the majority of men dislike engagement rings and the concept of men wearing them.

Some guys will expressly reject wedding bands and other forms of jewellery. In such instances, it may be prudent for the pair to seek alternative means by which the guy can demonstrate his devotion and relationship status.

Wearing the wedding band around their necks (as a pendant) will be the favoured option. Men who dislike wearing wedding or engagement rings on their fingers will typically find wearing the ring as a necklace more convenient and comfortable.

If you believe this would be a safer option for you, you should inform your partner beforehand. It is crucial, to be honest about how you feel about jewellery, and if the thought of an engagement ring doesn't sit well with you, it would be ideal to explore alternatives that would work for you.

The ring isn’t everything
It should also be noted that no one absolutely has to wear a ring in modern times. Many young couples choose not to buy or wear rings due to cost or personal preference. Of course, you can purchase inexpensive rings to mark the occasion, but it is up to you whether you wish to do this or not.

The perfect ring will be the one that makes you happy, and if your call is what makes you happy, that’s perfect as well. Engagement and marriage are all about your love for your partner and not about an object you put on your finger.

A ring can indeed be a great symbol that represents your love. It is appropriate for either a man or a woman to wear these rings. But there is nothing wrong with forgoing the idea of wearing rings either. Speak with your significant other about your desires and conclude what they would like you to do. If your partner would prefer for you to wear an engagement ring in some fashion, then it may be worthwhile to do it to show your love for them. If you’re looking for bespoke engagement rings for sale, then feel free to visit our website to buy the perfect gift for your spouse and future life partner!