Jewellery Stacking: The Complete Styling Guide

Jewellery stacking is a true art and it looks amazing with any outfit. Whether it’s necklaces, bangles and of course, our favourite, rings, you can get creative with some stacking. Stacking jewellery is all over the place and it is a great way to give all your favourite jewellery it’s time to shine.


jewellery stacking necklaces

Jewellery stacking with necklaces is one of the easiest ways to achieve the layered look. Pick a common element whether its a pendant or a common shape and layer them up with different lengths. Layer a couple of pendants with some shorter simple necklaces and mix chain types for a more dynamic jewellery look. Don’t be afraid to mix metals too and get creative with textures and even add some stones in there for a bougie diamond moment.


stacking bangles

Bracelets are usually all down to preference, whether you love a dainty pieces or and arm full of chunky bangles. Layering up your arm candy can make a major statement even when you might just be wearing a super simple jumper or t-shirt. This is another jewellery stacking technique that thrives off layering styles and textures. If you are lucky enough to be layering up diamond tennis bracelets then mixing up diamond cuts can be a super cool way to style them up.


ear stacking

This way of jewellery stacking requires a level of commitment as you’ll have to have a variety of ear piercings to achieve this look. Once that is out the way the possibilities are endless. Layer up hoops and studs and even more statement pieces. Make a constellation on your ear with diamond studs or stack hoops and get creative with your ear jewellery.


ring stacking

And finally our personal favourite, ring stacking. What better to accompany your Bejouled Engagement ring than a few stacking rings. Diamond bands with brilliant cuts, baguettes or ovals make for the perfect stacks. Mix them up with unusual shaped statement rings and even some plain bands for the ultimate mix up.

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