Botanical Ring Designs for Spring

This spring we have seen a fabulous amount of botanical ring designs. Rings inspired by flowers and leaves have been a popular choice for some of our customers and we cannot complain. Today this post will talk though some of our favourite botanical designs that we have seen.


botanical ring design

This design is a take on the classic solitaire with the shoulders inspired by leaf vines. The vines wrap around the centre brilliant cut to create a more organic look. In this botanical ring design marquise diamonds have been used to replicate the leaf shape in the vines. They are also combined with small brilliant cuts to create even more dimension.

Wedding Band

This beautiful botanical ring design was designed and made by Bejouled to accompany a floral inspired engagement ring. The wavy vine shank is made in 9ct gold with brilliant cuts on each leaf made to fit perfectly with it’s accompanying engagement ring. It is a simple yet stunning design and was crafted from our customer’s grandmother’s ring and will be admired for many more years to come.


The final design was a breath taker. This botanical trilogy design was designed and made by Bejouled and we absolutely loved doing it. As a result, three sparkling brilliant cuts were combined together with a stunning gold botanical shank. A twist band was created with a leaf inspired setting. Consequently, this design is an even more natural representation of leaves as they surround the three stones.

We hope you enjoyed our mini appreciation for botanical ring designs as we enjoy the spring time. If you want to know how your own botanical ring design can come to life, contact us!