Wedding Planning Checklist

Just engaged? We know wedding planning can be a bit overwhelming at the start. There are lots of things to think about from the band to the place settings. Sometimes a little guide can offer you that much needed direction and timeline.

12 or more Months

Call this the brainstorming stage if you will but there are also a lot of important decisions to be made around this time.

  • Decide on your overall Budget for your wedding. This means you are less likely to go wild when it comes to securing the big things. Try and assign certain amounts for certain aspects such as the venue, band and dress.
  • Decide on a preferred date for your wedding day but remember to be flexible. You never know if your dream venue will have your date.
  • Start researching your dream venues and discover more as you look. It’s always better to have lots of ideas than have all your eggs in one basket!
  • Time to choose who you want to be in your wedding party! You will want to have all the support from your bridesmaids and groomsmen early on to help with the planning process.
  • Start compiling a rough guest list so you have an idea of numbers for doing your venue research.
  • If you are planning on sending out save the dates now would be the time to order and send them out!
  • Start looking at wedding dress styles to prepare for your wedding dress appointments.

10-12 Months

It’s time to get serious!

  • Mail your save the dates!
  • Within this two month time frame you should also aim to book your venues for your ceremony and reception.
  • Florists are a very importance stage of the planning process. Not only do flowers add to the look and theme of your wedding but are often the first thing that people think about when they think of weddings. Start researching early.
  • Now is also the time to buy your wedding outfit to allow for multiple fittings before the wedding date. And of course allow for changing your mind.

8-10 Months

  • Finalise your guest list as your venues will probably need your final numbers around this time.
  • Kit out your bridesmaids and go dress shopping with them. Have fun and make a day out of it with brunch and champagne.
  • If your choose to, now is the time to register for gifts. Have fun with this too but try not to register for a giraffe lamp just cause its a laugh.
  • If you’ve found your perfect florist it’s time to book. Make sure they can get the flowers you want because remember some flowers like peonies are seasonal.

6-8 Months

Its gonna be a busy few wedding planning months!

  • One of the best parts is choosing the cake! Book a few appointments to try all the flavours and fill up on lots of samples. Bring ideas for designs and make sure the person you choose can achieve what you want.
  • Wedding favours are a huge tradition and whether you want to go for the classic 5 sugared almonds or something extravagant, now is the time to start planning.
  • If you’re planning on getting your makeup and hair done on the day start booking some trials and try out different looks from different artist. See who you get along with and who understands your vision. You may also realise you would like ti do your makeup yourself.
  • Plan out your honeymoon! Your honeymoon is your time to relax and enjoy some alone time with your new husband/wife. Plan in advance for good flight options and if you’re having a summer wedding and leaving straight after you want to beat the busy period for booking.
  • Book your transportation for the day because wedding cars and buses can get booked up fast!
  • Finally, time to sort out your wedding bands for the day. Our favourite part! If you are going bespoke its good to leave some time for the design process. If you’re at this point CLICK HERE and book an appointment with us!

4-6 Months

  • This time period is the time to order and send out your wedding invitations. Give your guests plenty of time to prepare and maybe include some hotel options for out of town guests in the invites.
  • If you’ve decided on your cake flavours, design and vendor it’s time to order.
  • Book all your accommodation for your wedding night.
  • Talk through all your flower arrangements and designs with your florist and finalise your ideas with them.
  • Start deciding on a playlist for your DJ or Band and send it through to make sure you are guaranteed all your favourite songs!
  • Order your favours so you have time to do any DIY with them.

3 Months

  • Finalise your timeline for the day this will help with any orders of service that you will have for your guests.
  • Purchase your wedding decor and any accessories for the day. For example, table decorations or bridesmaid accessories.
  • It is really nice and thoughtful to get gifts for all the people that helped with your day. Gifts for your parents, in-laws, bridesmaids and groomsmen are the usual people but if you had anyone else that helped with your day it would be nice to get them a gift also.
  • Decide on your final menu so that your have time to order menu cards for your tables.

2 Months

  • Apply for your marriage license. Very very important!
  • Figure out how you’re going to organise your RSVP’s whether it be a spreadsheet or just pen and paper.
  • If you are choosing to write your own wedding vows it might be time to start drafting them up so you have plenty of time to make mistakes and fix them.
  • Your seating arrangement now need to be finalised as you may want to get a seating plan made for the big day. Now you will most likely have all your RSVP’s so it will be easy to sort your plan.
  • It may be beneficial to create a schedule for your vendors to ensure everything is ready on time. Your venue might have someone dedicated to doing this for you but there is no harm in making sure.

1 Month

You’re nearly there!

  • Arrange your FINAL dress fitting! Get dressed up and make day with you and your girls/guys. Bring all your accessories to give everyone a sneak peak of what you’ll look like on the day.
  • Come to Bejouled and pick up your wedding rings!
  • Confirm all the details for the day with your vendors and venue so everyone definitely knows whats happening.

And that’s it! we will be back with another post to talk about things to do in the week and the day before the wedding with more great ideas for you!

For more wedding planning check out our resident hand model and photographer, Gabrielle’s blog to follow her wedding planning journey!