Wedding Trend: Celestial Theme

It’s been a while since I have seen a new wedding trend pop up. But as a bit of a secret astronomy geek, I am obsessed with this one. A celestial theme wedding is such a unique and modern approach to wedding decor. The theme includes an abundance of stars and constellations to make a truly sparkling event.

You can get so creative in your decor as well as the look being easy to achieve. Even the simplest of star decorations around your venue in abundance will achieve the effect of a starry night.

Your wedding dress is another standout way to show off your star theme. Instead of traditional floral embroidery, stars and moons can make such a statement while still looking and feeling bridal.

And of course, there is not better way to hint the theme to your guests than with starry stationary. You can really have fun with this wedding trend with all the different elements that you can add into your stationary. That could be moons or stars or constellations, you name it. It adds an element of whimsy to all your stationary extras.

Lastly, no wedding inspo post would be complete without talking about the food. Have yourselves a cosmic tea party with moon shaped sandwiches or just stick to start shaped deserts. You can really get creative, especially with the cake. Get yourself a top class cake maker and paint the universe in icing.

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